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Florida Lawmakers Declared Porn's A Health Risk (But Refused A Gun Control Bill)

In the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Florida Lawmakers have picked a political target. And its not gun control.

Two days ago, Florida’s House of Representatives voted down a bill that would have banned the sale of automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines.

But, guess what the House decided to talk about getting rid of later that day, porn.

The Florida House later passed, by a voice vote, a resolution declaring porn a public health risk. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the bill is asking for “education, research and policy changes to protect Floridians, especially teenagers, from pornography.”

Republican Rep. Ross Spano, who’s a candidate for attorney general, defended this vote by saying there is research that finds a connection between pornography use and mental/physical illness, forming and maintain intimate relationships, and deviant sexual behavior. That said, he did not share that research information.

Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Carlos Guillermo asked Spano why the Republicans were so interested in quickly passing this resolution when they should be focusing on more important discussions.

Many people on Twitter agreed with Guillermo.