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Former & Current 'The View' Co-Hosts All Reuniting On-Air For Barbara Walters Goodbye

Barbara Walters is officially saying goodbye to The View on May 16, but on Thursday, May 15 all of her former co-hosts will be reunited to send her off.

And, yes, that means Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are about be in the same room (on-air!!) again. 

Popcorn please!! 

We're sure both ladies will be on their best behavior--and will probably be seated on opposite sides of the stage, if not the studio--for Babs' send-off.

According to Deadline:

Those attending the penultimate episode with Walters on air include:

  • Meredith Vieira (moderator, 1997–2006, Season 1–9)
  • Star Jones (1997-2006, Season 1–9)
  • Joy Behar (1997–2013, Season 1–16)
  • Debbie Matenopoulos (1997-1998, Season 1-2)
  • Lisa Ling (1999–2002, Season 2–6)
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck (2003–2013, Season 7–16)
  • Rosie O’Donnell (moderator, 2006–2007, Season 10)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (moderator, 2007, Season 11–Present)
  • Sherri Shepherd (2007, Season 11–Present)
  • Jenny McCarthy (2013, Season 17–Present)

We can't wait!! Excited, Instincters?


I can not wait. I wish I could get tickets and be there for this live

I think it's great they are coming back to pay their tributes. I am not a fan of Elizabeth's and although a fan of Rosie's feel she can sometimes be very negative and a bully.

I'm so glad that Australia doesn't have this trash on our airwaves. Jenny McCartney brought the average IQ down at least 100 points.

fuck yes I am excited. I want Elizabeth to put that bitch Rosie in her place...this is her last chance to do it, so please Elizabeth throw some tomatoes at her...she was so fucking rude that day...I was wathcing and I was appalled at Rosie ( and I even went to a taping of Rosie's show back in the day). Rosie has turned out to be a bitter bitch. so sad. I dont agree with Lizbeth politicallly but she did not deserve that lambashing that infamous day.

So why is Barbara calling it time to say goodbye? She is good for another ten years. Ill miss her.


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