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Former Disney Star Comes Out In Defense Of Bryan Singer

Matthew Smith, the 24-year-old openly gay former star of Wizards of Waverly Place, has publicly announced that he was not, in fact, raped by embattled X-Men director Bryan Singer. Smith spoke with TMZ to "call bullshit" on allegations that Singer (as well as three other gay Hollywood heavyweights) "raped" a then 17-year old have surfaced in a lawsuit filed by Michael Egan. 

"He had every chance to rape me and didn't," Smith says of Singer.

Smith goes on to reveal that he met the lauded blockbuster director when he was 17 through a friend, and grew close to Singer over the following two years. Though they were alone many time (including on a private jet), Smith has nothing but praise for Singer. 

With Smith's character testimony in mind, he insists that Egan is "going to get murdered" in court. What do you think? 



It's the American way. Guilty till proven innocent. This is nothing more than a money grab.

Egomaniac fashion designer Marc Jacobs cruelly tortures a young girl. He stole her ideas and harassed her. He's been stalking her since she was 16 years old. Read the truth with evidence at:

This is just another sad case of someone being tried by the media......trials belong in a court room, not the pages of a magazine. Shame on Instinct and it's readers for forgetting that basic right of ALL Americans!

Isn't he a bottom though

The truth is always more Unbelievale than the lie. The lie is always safer than the truth. If no one knows this, then you do not live in the world. All you can do is wait to see the outcome. But sometimes the "Lie could prevail over "Truth" and also the other way around. It's a waiting game...

David Henrie was a star of Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez was a star of Wizards of Waverly Place. Jake T Austin was a star of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Egan was a bit player.

If Instinct can't get that little detail right, why should any of the rest of this story be given any credence?

They aren't saying Egan was a star of WofWP. Matthew Smith was. He played Alex's BF

It's funny because they claim this happened awhile ago, yet is just being brought to the surface now. Obviously it's because Bryan is currently releasing the new X-Men film. 

We re all forgetting that the media, hs not been telling or tried to get the Directors side of what he thinks is the case, and why he is being accused. When I was dealing with this type f thing my lawyer told me not to talk to the press at all, and that made me look guilty in the medias eyes, even though i was following what my lawyer was telling me would be good for me. So remember that before you judge on what is said or posted in the medias eye. The media is one sided and only wants to sell story's and make money also. Of course they will sin story after story making him out to be the bad guy. just remember he does have a side to the story that we are not hearing yet.

Bryan will eat this little punkass for breakfast when it goes to court

I really hope that Singer prevails in court.  The lawsuit really is a homophobic attempt to smear someone. Gimme a break---the guy woke up from a drunken stupor and all of a sudden says, "Geez, I think I was raped" 15 years after the fact?  So how does he prevail?  The physical evidence is gone, and people's memories get awfully fuzzy even 2 hours after an event occurs so, what's left?  An allegation of a horrible crime.  What's at stake here are people's reputations.  Singer, if convicted, would have the word rapist or child molester after his name for all eternity; and Egan, if he fails to prove his point in point, will have infamy pursue him into the annals of ever fading obscurity.  There is no happy ending any way you look at it.

Don't forget Singer will have to register as a sex offender so he'll have that hanging over his head.  

Assuming that the allegations are true and Singer is convicted.

My opinion is that these lawsuits are bogus but you never know, lets hope for a fair jury. 

Please remember, this does not prove anything other than Mr. Singer did not have inappropriate relations with Mr. Smith.  It is a fallacy to think that all sexual predators are uncontrollable around all minors.  Many will willingly be alone with other children (not their primary victims) and allow nothing to happen even in cases where there is no chance of being caught.  Sometimes this is done intentionally to cover their tracks (See!  It can't be me otherwise I would have done with every child/minor/underage teenager!).  Other times it's just dumb luck that the situation arose.  This occurred a lot of times with priests, fathers, ministers, rabbis, and other men in authority positions. 

All though I am a firm believer in "innocent until proven guilty," this latest assertion does not exactly vindicate Mr. Singer in anyway. 

I've never met Singer but we have mutual friends...apparently he doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to sleeping around 

So what does that mean?  He's selfish in bed?  He loves men's feet?  What does that point to, I wonder?

I think it's just a friend helping to defend another friend. Let's face it--most people are all ready to string Singer up even though it hasn't been proven that he raped anyone.

Not sure if you can call Matt a "former star of WofWP."  He was only in two episodes per IMDB...

Matthew Smith is pretty conceited to think that he's so desirable that anybody with a tendency to rape would OF COURSE want to rape him too.

Singer is innocent until proven guilty. So at this time what physical proof do you have that he has "a tendency to rape"?

First - innocent until proven guilty. So far, guilt hasn't been proved by a longshot.

Second - why are Matthew Smith's motives suspect, but Egan's not? This could be all about the $$ on his part with no truth to his allegations at all. Or, there could be some truth, and some fiction. 

So, rather than belittling someone defending Singer and jumping to the defense of someone accusing him, perhaps waiting for the trial and - hopefully - the truth to come out might be a better idea.

just because it didn't happen to this kid doesn't mean it didn't happen to someone else.  Not that saying Singer is guilty, just saying.  I hope Singer is innocent.

The wizards of Waverly place hasn't been on for over 2 yes I wonder if this kid is looking to do a favor for a favor ( kid hasn't worked much since the wizard of Waverly place show ) maybe he's hoping to get a role from singer in return for giving a good character reference.

You don't know much about Matthew's career after Wizard's do you? Also he was only in one episode and credited for another. He was a Disney star of other shows, but he prefers directing and producing and in fact did a big documentary that went over very well. Next time you start attacking people why don't you make sure you have ALL of your facts trash.

Cynical much. I believe it's Egan who's looking for publicity and a boost in his career!

Because every person that comes in contact with a rapist must be raped by said rapist? This bullshit...

Bryan Singer singer has not been convicted of rape. He is innocent until proven guilty!


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