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Former Ex-Gay Activist: 'I Wouldn't Date An Ex-Gay, I Don't Trust That They're Ex-Gay'

Former Family Research Council "ex-gay" activist Yvette Schneider is sounding the alarm on her former ex-gay compatriots, particularly as it relates to whether they could actually successfully change their sexual orientation. 

Schneider tells GLAAD's Jeremy Hooper:

"Many people I knew suspected all along that change—true change where all same-sex attractions disappear or become rare and incidental, and heterosexual attractions take their place—never happened. I can say I’ve never met an 'ex-gay' man I thought was not still attracted to men and would not go back to gay relationships under the right circumstances. One of my colleagues tried to fix me up with an 'ex-gay' man when I was still single. I said, 'No way. I have no interest in dating an ex-gay man. I don’t trust that they’re actually ex-gay.' My colleague said, 'The Bible says people can change—‘and such were some of you’—so you have to believe it’s true. It’s incredibly defamatory of you to believe otherwise.' The particular 'ex-gay' man who was to be my date was caught having sex with a man about a year later."

Schneider worked as part of the ex-gay movement for fourteen years.

For those that are interested, Hooper also questioned Schneider regarding how she would describe her own sexual orientation now that she's removed from the ex-gay movement; she says:

I’ve always been drawn to intense emotional connections. I look for something about a person that excites me and makes me want to spend time with them and know more about them. Part of that, of course, is physical attraction. If the person happens to be a woman or a man is inconsequential to me. For most of my life I’ve been more attracted to women than to men, but my attractions also depend on personal qualities, not gender. Fifteen years ago when I met the man I would eventually marry, we had an instant connection. Anyone who knows us can see we’re soul mates. Could I have had an equally strong bond with a woman? Of course.

Check out the full interview here. 


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*Disclaimer* - Really Unpopular Opinion Here:

But I honestly do not believe in ex-gay, having gone to conservative Christian college for my Mdiv as a gay man.  Also, I do not believe there is really such a things as "bisexual" from every one I have met at "Bi" they seemed to be in denial of not wanting to be gay, wanting to be different from other gays or in some cases just not caring who they get off with,I will say the "Bi" people that contradict this need to think and examine before flaming.  

In my work with my Mdiv in my local AIDS project and RedDoor project I have come to form this opinion... then even "gay for pay" actors really should be more like "straight for pay" if you really look at the bulk of their work and then how they live their personal lives.  Which has inspired the actions ir the gus I see and counsel with the STI's that they can or cannot be gotten rid of.

All in All, this pontification is we really need to accept some ones sexuality is something static, and Kingsley's study should be tossed into the garbage for being unscientific and pollution gender studies since people learned to cite it for every justification GLBT people want to engage in... OR conversely Anti-GLBT moment want to stop GLBT people from engage in.

Humor me... So she's an ex, ex-gay?

Well, I have been with "straight" men before and bisexual men. As for what they really are, they don't even know. An old friend of mine said he was straight, but then in the same breath said if it feels good he's down for whatever.

gay if you stay in the closet. If you can stand the smell of mothballs, then you're better off lying to the World because of religious laws. Oh, wait...lying is a sin, ain't it? Damn if you do and damn if you don't

I dated a guy from a straight relationship, we we're together almost 21 years and he left me to go back to a straight relationship. No, I'll never do that again!

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