Former Exodus VP Apologizes For Hurting Gay People

"Ex-gay" Randy Thomas, who spent years providing ammunition to the notion that gays can and need to change as (the now-defunct) Exodus's executive vice president, has penned an apology to the gay community. 

"I participated in the hurtful echo chamber of condemnation," Randy writes in a post on his website. "I gave lip service to the gay community, but really did not exemplify compassion for them. I placed the battle over policy above my concern for real people. I sometimes valued the shoulder pats I was given by religious leaders more than Jesus’ commandment to love and serve. That was wrong and I’m disappointed in myself. Please forgive me.

"I directly empowered people to co-opt my testimony and use it against the gay community. There were a few times I almost worked up the nerve to confront them, only to hear them invoke my name at an opportune moment. ‘Of course I love gay people,’ they would say. ‘Just look at my good friend Randy…’ It was very selfish of me to back down in these situations. I apologize.”

Apology accepted, Instincters?