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Former High School Bully Apologizes After Seeing Classmate's Viral Gay Marriage Proposal

We were all blown away by Lucas Bane and David Devora's epic viral marriage proposal/street party, but today it's the aftermath that has us reaching for the tissues!

As their video blasted its way across the interwebs, it also made its way in front of someone who's probably best described as a former high school bully of Lucas's. 

So what did he think?

Here's the Facebook interaction between the two all these years later:

​ ​

Wow. This says a lot--not just about how people can change, but also about forgiveness. 

We want to get beers with all of these guys!!

Thanks for sharing, gentlemen!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



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I really dislike hypocritical Christians who can quote pieces of the bible for their own gain. It's makes them sound illiterate, and Malicious. You really believe God will favor someone who attacks sin with more sin??? That doesn't even make sense. Dylan, you're obviously bored, lonely, and need attention, but there are better ways than attracting negative attention to yourself. My advice: Grow the fuck up, and stop looking at everything in black and white. Maybe then you'll attract positive friends, and a better.... Happier existence. Possibly you're having a hard time excepting who you really are ;) good luck. 

as a true who believes in the Bible and the teachings of Christ, i, along with the majority of real, educated Christians, have lived my life following 3 simple rules found in the Bible - christian or not - these are the basis for living and sharing this life we are fortunate enough to have: 1. love thy neighbor as thy brother. 2. God is love. 3. judge not lest ye be judged. i apologize for the dylans of this world who practice their hatred and hide behind their unsupported and frankly, wrong, belief that God requires, or even suggests that we hate anyone different than ourselves. it is a true shame that someone would use the supposed "word of God' to further their idealogies of hatred, bigotry and repression. i pray nightly for these people that they will wake up one morning to the true reality - that we are ALL God's children. I love you all, male or female, gay or straight, black or white, jewish or muslim, lovers or haters!!! THAT is what my God taught me to do. oh....and FYI....NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE IS THE WORD HATE EVER MENTIONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dylan, why are you even reading articles on this very homo web site anyway?  You one of those gays who hates himself so much he has to project it on others?  That's where I'd put my money.Bet you loved the "Hottest Men of the Olympics" piece.  

I have nothing to add to the story here... but I'd like to say that this article is oddly presented, perhaps poorly.  The facebook posts might have been screen grabs, but to conceal identities perhaps more could have been done.  Let's look at this now... We know the guy's name is Lucas Bane.  The facebook posts block out his last name... but the article mentions his last name.  So he is searchable, and boom... his photo is right there so we know who to look for.  Then the former bully's name starts with a B, and though it is blocked out there are time stamps.  If Bane's facebook is open publicly then anyone can search for who the guy is, and look over the timestamps of various dates to find out who he is.  So... what good has the censoring done here?  Maybe an online editor might like to take note here, eh?

Leviticus 18:22
"Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin." amen

The bible is gross and full of "detestable" things.  If I listened to my Bible unquestionably I would have killed people, stoned women, and promoted slavery.  I think letting your fellow human live and love has he or she sees fit is far more godly than some of the horrid things in the bible, and constantly cursing those around you who are gay, or who oppose what you believe.  If God exists, he probably put everything you need to know in your heart.  My heart says to love people as they are, for who they are, and that is all.  If I'm wrong, and that lands me in hell, then I will forever burn knowing I'm better than the almighty.

Such a sad name Dylan I cant believe no one noticed

Hey dylan you said that gay people make the choice to be gay.... just out of curiousity when did you decide to be straight?

Well i can see that people have NOT read the rather him be gay than be a rapist and child molesting priest who rapes children and preachesbur beloved bible..oh please the bible was creates humdreds of years by men to promote power and by the way ur lively oppasals...of the last supper live alone happily ever after.( no women all men...hmmm i wonder if they are gay too) states love thy neighbour...(that means no matter disables.)


the bible says a lot.... Yes it says that a man should not lay with another man, but it also states that we are all the children of god.... He is our creator and if he saw it to be so wrong then he wouldn't have created hay men and women.... It also states in the bible that we all should love and be loved..... It does not state we need to be loved by the opposite sex... I praise the lord that u can find solitude some day and come to terms..... FYI most anti gay activist are usually secretly gay.... So do u have a secret to tell..

How about we all have this convo on another site and let Lucas and David have there time to shine!!! As for you Dylan you are all talk on this site and think you are better than everyone! Well your not you are actually below us taking the b-a-t out of basement ! Let's see how you show up in real life! My email is lets met up and we will see what kind of man you really are !!!!!

Dylan is getting what he wants. Ignore the flamers girls. If he didnt get a rise out of ya, he woudlnt bother.

I'm an anti gay activist. I hate homosexuals with a passion. I'm going to expose you filthy animals on every forum till the world knows about your reality. Go to hell faggots. Amen

My, My! What language for a so-called follower of Christ. I have a strong feeling that You only "Hate Homosexuals with a passion" because You don't know any personally...and I do NOT mean "Sexually"...I mean as a "Friend".- You've obviously been misled by all the phony stuff going around  about gay people being deviants and child molesters; but IF You do Your research, You will see that Child Molesters AND Rapists are Heterosexual!! - NOT Homosexual.- and I have a very strong feeling that You are NOT as much of a "Christian" as You claim (Especially with the way You speak); So, My suggestion is for You to clean Your own house BEFORE You start cleaning someone else's. One last thing since You seem to like to quote The Bible:    Have You ever read the passage where Jesus said to the crowd;   "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." 

Wow, i will see you in hell buddy!!!  I have a drag queen escort you to your eternal prison in HELL..... 

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

death to homosexuals. amen

Did you know that the bible was written by men like you?

ok, high and mighty -  why the hell are you on a gay site?

 Your god, Yahweh, would be diagnosed as a psychopath by todays medical standards.   Religion poisons everything. Thank gawd I'm an atheist.

Grow up it's the 21st century dude bible is old as shit got be more open to things we all now you are a pathetic old moron living in a basement who can't get anyone so you wanna try crushing over people's happiness because u have none and before u say anything I'm married with 2 kids and there godfather is gay and my best friend and has been since I was 5 and it's 2 girls by the way 

So, what boy turned your advances down at a young age. You've got to have a real reason for spouting this crap other than GOD.

Hi Dylan,

It is completely understandable that you use those scriptures to condemn men who sleep with other men and women who sleep with other women -- it's just one of those things that seems to be clearly stated in the Bible.

Another thing that is clearly stated in the Bible is we were all created by God and God can use anyone regardless of their past, present, or future. Moses murdered a man and look how God used him. David slept with another man's wife (Bathsheba) and had her husband killed so that he would never find out (2 Samuel 11 and look how God redeemed him. Saul killed countless Christians before becoming a Christian himself.  The point is that our light requires us to love our neighbors as ourselves.  I don't think you would like for anyone to say, "Death to Dylan."

As a Christian (which means Christ-Like), I do want to urge you to let your light shine in such a way that your beliefs do not offend one of these little ones. Please take a look at Matthew 18:6-7.

I love you. Jesus loves you, and God loves.  Everyone on this message board is enveloped in love.  Please love your neighbor as yourself. As a Christian and fellow human, I apologize to everyone who is hurt, angered, and offended by Dylan's comments.  Please send light, love, peace and your prayers to him.

Narrow minded bible thumping prick!

You're the perfect example of a christian asshole.  Please go and have a fatal csa accident.  The idea that some vile asshole like yourself is somehow ordained by god - god would spit in your ugly face,   Please  die and leave the world a better place.  Jesus says you should kill yourself and the rest of us agree.  Please feel free to kill yourself, don't bother asking for help, no one cares.  Good riddance die soon.

Remembe, r Jesus wants you to kill yourself.  At least you'd stop getting a stiffie every time t you think male penises.  Don't disappoint Jesus.

you're the perfect example of a filthy homosexual. god will make your asshole wider when you die of aids faggot. all of you are going to burn in the lake of fire. you chose to become faggots cuz you couldnt find a girl. get a sex doll hahahahahahah. its better than taking gay dicks up the butt. filthy homos ahhahahaha

Dylan you and people like you are the reason for wars in this world. Discrimination, racism, homophobia are the only reasons for hate and wars which idiots like you try and prove are wrong to be different. For all the proud and happy lgbt out there , more power to you, the world needs you and people who can speak up for you. If my children were to come home one day saying that they are lgbt let me be the first to say. IWILL SUPPORT MY CHILDREN NEVER DISOWN THEM, for all you bible preachers i have read every single page line and word to find not only does it NOT state that ut is a sin but god love all his children that means gay, transgender bisexual ALL only states man and wife shiuld lay together to procreate...which thats an obvious to naturally produce....gays are not the ones having ingnorant children and/or abandaning them. Think of that for a moment.

if your son comes to you and tells you that he likes it up the butt you should get a gun and shoot him in the head. thats what the  ible tells us to do and thats what these filthy homosexuals deserve. amen

Well, apparently you'll be burning just as well for judging and condemning others. You have no right to tell people that they are going to hell, Jesus Christ is the ultimate judge and the one who will let us know who is going where.  Jesus said, Love one another for love is of God. He who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love. Your message is full of hate and that just tells me that you do not know the same God that I do. The God I know loves everyone in this world, regardless if they love Him. It's people like you who give Christians like me a bad connotation. You bring shame upon our community and I pray for God to forgive your narrow-minded, bigoted remarks.You're an awful human being and you do not deserve the gift of quoting scripture. 

stop being rude

I think the post is awsome to see how someone changes over years. It is nice to see how some assholes turn into mature adults its too bad now everyone is mature enough to let 2 people who love eachother alone. If my son or daughter ends up lgbt at least the will know that they can come to me and be proud of who they are and no one will mess with this mama....and for those who are posting stupidity it shows that u have no life no love and no job on your hands which is why u are angry.

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Ultimately this is a great story being shared, encouraging other great stories by so many, that are being attacked by one...just remember everyone, just because he is only one person with a bad attitude and poor choices in words...(Dylan Whatever his true name is) isn't a complete waste of a human being, we can always learn from his mistakes, and so many already have...

Best wishes to all those with great life stories to tell.

Romans 1:27 - And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. amen,,,,

Hey, fatass, wrap your bible in barbed wire and shove it up your ass and bleed to death.  No one cares.  Your "girl" would celebrate your demise and so would everyone else.  Good riddance, fuckhead.

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JonathAn he chose the name Dylan lentils to send this message under if you recall who that was then that alone says everything about the individual writing the horrible messages above. Be better than him and ignore his juvenile and clearly disturbed posts. Your reply is just what he is looking for. He is obviously bored and has too much time on his hands which explains his attempt to get a rise out of anyone he can. Cheers!

All you faggots should be put to death according to the bible. Amen

 Too bad after your dad fucked you he didn't shoot you in the head. If you have a gun - USE IT ON YOURSELF.    No one cares about you and that's quite obvious.  I presume you're 800 pounds and hide behind gloryholes so no one has to see how repulsive you are.

too bad your mom gave birth to a queer. she should have stabbed you in the heart the day you were born. one less faggot in the world. ahhahahahahahahh

dont feed the troll guys. simple as that

Don't mean to get into other people's business, but say you, 'Dylan', have kids, and say your son or daughter comes out as gay or their kids comes out, will you disown or still want to "get a gun and shoot them in the head" (your words) for being gay?

I get that this is your opinion, but if that's what you really think maybe you should be careful what you say, It may just come back to kick you in the ass. Though I don't know of any bible that says anything about guns or committing any acts of murder.. I don't know what kind of bible you were reading.

Just some food for thought.

First, that is an awesome story. It proves people can rise above petty ignorance and fear. Bravo. 

To 'Dylan' 

Me thinks you doth protest too much. For someone so against it, you sure spend a lot of time focused on gay sex. Does the idea a of two men together keep you up at night? Do you fret and worry constantly over the idea? I bet you do. Statistically, those who protest the most against gays are often gay themselves or recognize a kernel of same-sex attraction. When you come to terms with yourself, we'll still be here. If you're lucky some of the people you've most likely wronged in your life will be as forgiving as the guy in the story above. 

Leviticus 20:13
"If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense."  amen

@Dylan.  I take it then that you don't wear clothes of two different threads and that when you sin you make a blood sacrifice as that same book of the bible people like you quote ad nauseum demands.

Or how about this.  Leviticus 19:17-18 'You shall not hate your brother in your heart, but you shall reason fairly with your neighbour, lest you incur sin because of him.  You shall not take vengence or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself: I am the lord'

How about you actually read the rest of that bible and pay attention to what it says instead of spouting off the few quotes that agree with your small minded view of the world.

@Dylan (not your real name):  You are aware that the Old Testament also calls for the death penalty for those who pick up sticks on the Sabbath and for girls who aren't virgins on their wedding nights, right?   I'm betting not.   By the way, your using the name of a mass murder for your screen name seems appropriate ...

I hope Dylan is prewsent at the next mass shooting and ends up directly in front of a fatal bullet.  We only WISH you were dead, but you'll get there soon enough.  Christians cunt.  Go fuck yourself and hope you end up DEAD.

You re-worded this to fit your needs,  bigot.

Jesus tells us to love everyone, even your enemies.  God loves all because we all came from him. 

Go fuck your mother

That's real Jesus like of you biggot


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