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Former High School Bully Apologizes After Seeing Classmate's Viral Gay Marriage Proposal

We were all blown away by Lucas Bane and David Devora's epic viral marriage proposal/street party, but today it's the aftermath that has us reaching for the tissues!

As their video blasted its way across the interwebs, it also made its way in front of someone who's probably best described as a former high school bully of Lucas's. 

So what did he think?

Here's the Facebook interaction between the two all these years later:

​ ​

Wow. This says a lot--not just about how people can change, but also about forgiveness. 

We want to get beers with all of these guys!!

Thanks for sharing, gentlemen!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



this  is   Awesome     what  a  great  guy    People   can  change     what  a  great  guy  to  step  up  to  the    plate  and   say  im  sorry

I've had about 5 people reach out to me on Facebook saying similar things and apologizing...the world is changing for the better.


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