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Former National Organization For Marriage Leader Maggie Gallagher Concedes Defeat In War Against Same-Sex Marriage

Maggie Gallagher, co-founder and former president of the country's most vociferous anti-marriage equality group, the National Organization for Marriage, has conceded defeat in lifelong battle to deprive an American minority group of equality. 

"Gay marriage advocates now have five [Supreme Court] votes for inserting a right to gay marriage in our Constitution," Gallagher told Huffpo. "We are now in the "gay marriage in all 50 states" phase whether we like it or not."

But instead of learning from contemporary society's evolution and opposition to a key Biblical element (as most Christians did when slavery was abolished), Maggie insists homophobes remain ever vigilant and vocal.

"In my view people who believe in the traditional understanding of marriage, and believe that it matters, have to become a creative minority, finding way to both express these sexual views, culturally, artistically and intellectually and to engage with the newly dominant cultural view of marriage respectfully but not submissively," she said. 

Maggie's work will now be focused on the so-called "religious liberty"-type laws that have pervaded the state-level political sphere in the first quarter of 2014. 

"As for social conservatives as a political movement, even to retain religious liberty protections is going to require a new and more serious engagement with politics," Gallagher said.

We just hope your fight to be on the wrong side of history was worth it to you, Maggie. 



Doesn't this fat hag not know about this little thing in the constitution that talks about keeping religion outta politics?  But then there's a whole shitload of politicians should reread that section

There's nothing in the constitution that says keep religion out of politics, at least in the direct sense the sentence you state implies. In fact, it really is an impossibility. Religion, not just the "God" kind, is a part of all of us. It's in our personalities, so it's impossible. 

Jay seriously? Its called Separation of Church and State or have you never heard of that? There is NO official religion of the United States and your bible is not written into the constitution either. You are certainly entitled to believe as you wish. You are even allowed to publicly express those beliefs. However, you are not guaranteed that no one wont publicly call you out on them and you certainly are not entitled to impose your beliefs on others.

Maggie give it up. You are a sad fossil. What would happen if Muslim people in America requested the same so called "religious liberty protection" ?

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