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Former NFL Player Brad Thorson Comes Out As Gay

Former NFL player Brad Thorson has come out as gay. Thorson. who briefly played for the Arizona Cardinals, came out on his personal blog on Independence Day and we're sure he's feeling quite free after doing so! 

Thorson writes (excerpt):

I've been told many times that the process of coming out is cathartic. Yet since coming to terms with my sexuality, I found it arduous and unnecessary. At least that's what I kept telling myself. So today, I'm putting it in writing and not looking back.

I'm gay.

I'm also an athlete. For years, I struggled to unite these two identities in my own mind. Not until after my professional athletic career came to an end did I allow myself to understand my sexuality. Now, three years later, I'm finally ready to share that with people.

If not for the strength of athletes like Jason Collins, Michael Sam, and Brian Sims, I would likely still be struggling with my own cognitive dissonance. Each of their stories reinforced the truth that there is nothing wrong with being a competitive athlete and gay. Just as their stories helped me come to understand and accept myself, I've gotten to a point in my life where I hope to help someone else to understand his or her identity as a gay athlete.

Check out Thorson's full blog post here

Welcome to the team, Brad!




We have to make "a big deal" about celebrities, politicians and sports stars who come out, because it shows the world that there is not a "gay stereotype."  It also helps young boys and men who are gay and have felt forced to stay in the closet because of family religious beliefs or other reasons know that they are not alone in this world.  Until the world realizes that being gay is as natural an occurrence as being heterosexual, then we have to continue to make it a big deal when anyone of note does come out.  It may be "appalling,"  but until the world realizes this, it is something we must do.

Thanks Brad!  : )  

You are absolutely right..  We choose to fuel the information highway with our opinions.  And I know many of us do have and are entitled to our opinion.  We can always agree to disagree!

Why?  It's because people like you and I really thrive on this information.  We may 'claim' we don't care, but in a sense, we do.  Because public figures are who drive the media and gossip or truth.  Soon, the idea of coming out (in a few years) will be no different from a celebrity getting married, a movie star getting a divorced, or someone is going to appear on a particular television syndication.  This trending is just the typical of any public 'new information' sharing...   So, we can comment all we want, we can be opinionated of our own personal believes, so that you and I can be thrive to make the news too!!!!   bwhahaha......  What it boils down to ...   We can choose to say something, positive, derogative, attack the next person of their opinion, whatever it is...  We are just exercising the US First Amendment of FREEDOM OF SPEECH...  and it even applies to those not from our county....  WHY?  We because we can!!!

But it's not normal. Why would you spread that propaganda?

Your comment is not normal.

We make a big deal so that the next time some kid or man thinks he is a freak or that he is not normal because he is gay maybe having these roll models will help him realize that he is normal too.

Very well stated Nick! :)


I also find this appalling. Just live & let live. Why does there always have to be this huge announcement every time a celebrity or an athlete comes out as gay. Who cares? Go live your happy gay life without all the media frenzy. 

Because assholes like you say it's wrong to be gay. If a public figure comes out he or she might save at least one gay person from committing suicide.

that's the thing, they want the media frenzy cuz that's all they can reclaim.

Gays are NOT athletic!

Quite the opposite actually. Most gays are fit and play a sport. Don't be a close minded prick. If you want to comment about Gays, go to another site.

I am Sorry but, Why do We have to Make Such a Big Deal about Who Comes Out and Who Doesn't? If Someone Chooses to come out we should be supportive of their choice to do so, not Make a Media Circus out of it. I'm Sorry We have Lost All Reason of Why We Chose to Come out of The Closet. It wasn't For the Media Attention. It was Because We are Proud of Who We are as a Person and Standing Up For Ourselves as Individuals Not to Be Plastered Across Facebook and Social Media as The Last Person to Come Out Gay! I Sorry I Find this Appalling!

Omg he's so handsome marry me?!

Good Move Brother, Now you can live your life, not a lie!!

Peace and Happiness!!

Michael Jackson

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