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Former NFL Star Dexter Manley Calls Troy Aikman A 'Queer' On Radio; Banned From Station

Former Washington Redskin's player Dexter Manley has been banned from Washington D.C.'s WTOP radio station after he called former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman a "queer" on air. 

Here's the audio:

The Washington Post writes:

“Was it a big jinx that Troy Aikman was doing the game, the former Cowboy?” Manley was asked at the end of the segment.

“I think Troy was a queer,” Manley said.

The hosts immediately made it clear that this wasn’t a topic for humor, and encouraged Manley to step back.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said. “I take that back….I apologize.”

The station's vice president of news and programming Jim Farley soon posted a statement on the WTOP website saying that Manley would no longer be appearing on the station following his "offensive and derogatory" comment.

Farley said, "We were shocked and stunned and we apologize to our listeners that this happened on WTOP," adding "WTOP has contacted a representative for Manley and informed her that he will not be returning.'

Manley has since issued his own apology, saying: 

"I used a slur to refer to Troy Aikman. It was wrong and insensitive," he stated. "Anyone that knows me knows that’s not who I am in my heart or mind. I want to apologize to Troy, but I mostly want to apologize to anyone else I offended.

"Like a lot of people in these times, I have to realize that what I thought was funny years ago doesn’t work now. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again and hope you will accept my apology."

What do you think of Manley's apology? Did WTOP handle the situation appropriately, Instinters?