Former Olympic Diver Finds Love and It's Beautiful, Sweet, and More!!

I'm a mush when it comes to two people falling in love, and this story just hit me in all the feels that it makes me want to lip sync to "How Deep is Your Love" in beautiful silk robes.  I'm getting ahead of myself though.

Former Olympic Diver Johan Jimmy Sjödin and his beautiful partner, German bodybuilder and graphic designer Patrick Huber have been documenting their amazing love for one another via their Instagram profiles for over a year now since the two started dating.  

In a recent interview, Johan describes his life before Patrick, such as how he quit diving at only 20 years old to focus on other aspects of his life that he wanted to accomplish including being a fashion stylist and graphic work.  Then he met Patrick early last year.

‘We met on Facebook a while back,’ says Sjödin. ‘We chatted a bit and then we lost contact. I think he was seeing someone and I was seeing someone. We then started talking again and just hit it off. It was about 17 months ago. We live together in Munich.’

He goes into detail about how Patrick did a huge surprise proposal in Venice, which is all documented on their IG pages (Patrick's is here, Johan's is here).  Now they are planning for the wedding and eventually would like to start a family together.  Awe.  

This story has romance written all over it in a big, hairy and muscular type of way, and unless you are made of stone or are saltier than the dead sea, then this will touch you one way or another.

Congrats to the happy couple!  And if Patrick or Johan need any entertainment for the bachelor party, I'll be happy to assist.  Giggity.