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Fox News Blasts NFL For Disciplining Player Who Reacted With Homophobia To Michael Sam

According to Fox News and guest Donald Trump, ESPN was out of line for showing Michael Sam celebrating being drafted with his partner but a homophobic tweet shared by Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones was completely acceptable. 

Jones was fined by the league after tweets that included "omg" and "horrible" were sent out in reaction to Sam kissing his boyfriend on ESPN. He's since apologized, but Fox News won't let it die, insisting that it's a violation of free speech rights. 

"When you look at what the NFL is saying though, now, this is a strong message," said Elisabeth Hasselbeck. "They are going on the offense against any sort of offensive comments out there. But does it offend those with their free speech and their opinions to voice them? Certainly when it comes on the field. Will they then go after what is said in the huddle, in a tackle, on the bottom of a pile? Because if you have those times mic'd, you're going to be hearing a lot of comments which would be deemed offensive. Where does this go from here?"

Donald Trump joined in later in the segment and said that ESPN's coverage of Michael Sam kissing his partner "looked pretty out there to me."  Speaking about the punishment Jones received for his homophobic reaction, he said, "We've become so politically correct in this country that the country is going to hell."



People praise Michael Sam for being gay but hated Tim Tebow for being a Christian. Go figure! Sam is no hero! But Tebow IS !  He lives a clean and exemplary life! He's not fudge packing down Hershey Highway. 

I think it's fine, let everyone say as they please. That way we know what everyone thinks and feels. As the world continues to liberalize, they will look more and more foolish, it's really nothing to worry about. We all know what we think of people who call black people "niggers" in society today. It's going that way for LGBT people, just give it time. Let everyone say what they like.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, is like Sterling, she runs her mouth and no one has called her on it. If all she can do is spew intolerance, she should remain silent. And anyone who holds her as their Idol, well there are professionals out there who can help you with your mental illness, seek help.

I watched the majority of the Draft, I observed 4 draftees hug and kiss their girlfriends, One of which was a Black man with a Hispanic girlfriend, who got a little friendly with hands at the announcement. Where were all these shitbags, who are bitching about Sam's displaying his affection and happiness to his partner, to bitch about these others. If you are having a problem with displaying affection bitch about all of them, not just the Gay player with his boyfriend.

Oh please. No one mocks anyone for being religious. People are mocked when they are perceived as being sanctimonious, fake, disingenuous religious wingnuts. Unfortunately for a lot of religious prognosticators, they are often perceived as being disingenuous wingnuts. Also, people have fun taking jabs at Tibow because he claims to be straight, but is way more pansy than most gay men. 

Having a NFL or NBA player come out as gay is newsworthy because there are so few active players in the industry. The ones that come out are generally retired, when it's safe to do so. Any news organization should understand this. Except, evidently, Fox news. For some reason, they don't understand in-depth what they are reporting. Trump, well. Because Trump. 

Typical FOX mentality! I hate that network

GO FOX! And leave Elizabeth Hasselback alone! She's my idol!

If that's your idol, I am sad for you.  But I am sure your heart is as full of hate as hears.  Bet you will be sad that all this judging is actually going to backfire.   Hope you and her both like it warm.

She's a doorknob!!

If Tebow was being mocked for kissing a woman on television, that would be a double standard. 

Love should always be praised. Hate should always be condemned. 

Hating homophobia is not hating Christianity. I know MANY lovely Christians. 

Jesus taught love- try to remember that. 

The NFL reacted as any employer should. I know Jones is not directly employed by the NFL, but he represents them via his belonging to a team that is part of their organization. What Jones did is basically workplace harassment, which is not to be tolerated in any organization. Nobody is trampling on his rights of free speech or opinion. They are doing what should be done in any workplace environment.

They are such idiots! Comparing sexuality and religion is like comparing apples and oranges.


look at you , blasting hate speech as evil , while you make hate speech comment towards a news anchor ... YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL THAT YOU , AS WELL AS ALL IN THIS COUNTRY CAN SAY STUFF LIKE THAT WITHOUT ACTUALLY GETTING ARRESTED . at least for the moment we can . You too better defend ALL speech , even  the stuff you do no like , if you want to continue to post comments like that .. the good comes with the bad when it comes to speech , and no one can police thoughts , the act of trying to do so will open doors you do not want opened . There are A holes out there , we all know that , it will always be like that with some people , what difference does it make if they open their stupid mouths to let us all know where and who they are ?  .. Otherwise , if they are not allowed to speak , we would never know who they are .. if people like the Clippers owner was not so politically inclined to never speak like he does in public , we would of all know a long time ago who he was , and would not have needed a secretly taped , ( illegal btw ) recording to know who he was all along .


fuck them.  The guy is clearly a douchebag and now so is Fox for sticking up for him.  People are always mistaking hate for free speech.  Here's my free speech.  FUCK YOU GUYS AT FOX.

"And now"?  Since when has fox ever not been full of douche bags?

Fox & Friends are so stupid that i am not even surprised at their level of ignorance and promoting hate against the LGBT - what happened to you Elisabeth?

Donald Trump is a horrible person a douchebag and not a friend of the LGBT people.

Oh is the same Faux News who led the reich-wing campaign demanding Martin Bashir be fired for his history lesson suggesting that Sarah Palin experience what slaves actually went through before opening her illiterate mouth to compare something to slavery? More do as I say, not as I do from the religious-reich.

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