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Fox News Hosts GLAAD's Jeremy Hooper & Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins For 'Duck Dynasty' Debate

The beloved Jeremy Hooper tried his best to hold Fox News' Megyn Kelly accountable for her promotion of hate group leader Tony Perkins' horrendous war on the LGBT community. Unfortunately, Megyn failed to live up to her job and Fox did not allow Jeremy and Tony to share any screen time debating the issue at hand. 

Media Matters has more:

Hooper challenged Kelly to hold Perkins accountable for his anti-gay record and vile rhetoric, to which Kelly promised, "What specifically? Because I'll ask him."

But Kelly never asked Perkins to explain his extreme stances against the gay community, nor did she acknowledge that the FRC is a designated hate group. Instead she merely identified FRC as "a group whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and culture from a Christian world view"--a description that continues Fox's trend of referring to anti-gay extremism as Christianity. Perkins went on to defend Robertson as upholding "biblical morality" and attack homosexuality as "sexual immorality."



If someone is against homosexuality and openly expresses such does that make them a intolerant person.  Does is give another the right to label them with a "hate tag"?

So sad that Robertson is getting so much support. It was simply hate speech, very evil, complete intolerance.  Then they said they want religious tolerance. "Set of values, grounding in scripture" Ugh! Sounds more like Nazis, grounded in "Mein Kampf".

I'm glad that Kelly actually gave Jeremy Hooper voice, w/o interrupting him! And was courteous and professional! Maybe she got the message after her rant about Santa and Jesus being WHITE WHITE WHITE.

This whole issue made me very sad. I would hate to see our society even more over-run by the "Christians" who insist it's there world, and every one else had better goose step on in. They already have too much support. Where are we headed? I'm straight, but I'm scared!

Jeremy Hooper is awesome!

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