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Fox News' Trolls S.F. Pride 2014, Comes Up With This Eye-Roll Inducing Video Report

TV news stations reporting from pride parades usually do a horrible job at representing the LGBT community truthfully. Fortunately for them, Fox News has just set the pride parade video report bar even lower than it already was. 

Bill O'Reilly's henchman Jesse Watters set out to the San Francisco Pride Parade (of course he did) for a report that aired Monday night on The O'Reilly Factor. Some of the most cringe-worthy loaded bait that Watters dangled in front of revelers includes:

  • “Are you guys sure you don’t like girls? Are you sure?”
  • “You still need these parades even though you guys can get married in California?”
  • “Are you out of the closet?”
  • “Do you guys work out?”
  • “I’m going to go out on a limb — you look a little promiscuous.”
  • “Does it make you a bigot if you believe in traditional marriage?”
  • “Can I have a straight pride parade if I wanted to?”
  • “Is the gay pride parade shoving something down other people’s throats?”

Unfortunately, even though Watters likely received intelligent answers from some, Fox News obviously edited the video with responses tailored for the Fox News audience. 

Prepare yourself, Instincters:



Three POWERFUL men on one POWERFUL show .... 

It's "THREE INCHES OF RAGE!"  This week on FOX!  

Yeah, take that you commie liberals.  

I'm sorry....clown show? Only low class gays participate.  Sit down now little boy because you need a history lesson.  There is no excuse for your ignorance as you clearly have the internet. Now until you have done your research and learnt your history and found out WHY an event such as Pride exists in the first place, sit down and stfu. The reason your ignorant ass is free to be who it is today is because people fought and suffered and some even died to fight for the rights you take for granted today.  So yes, we parade, we celebrate and we honor those bitches because it was those same "low class gays" who "flaunt" their sexually that were in the front lines of the fight that has allowed you to be who you are. Now go play outside, the adults are talking.

Even us gays get hung up on the naked guys, wigs and other over the top elements of Pride celebrations, but think about when you were a gay kid getting sent to corrective therapy for singing to a pop song in your mom's dress, getting beat up for not being good at sports, being afraid to be yourself on your high school sports team, getting kicked out at 16  by your own parents for being yourself......we celebrate our progress, our struggles and our right to be any kind of human being on the spectrum from flamboyant to not without being made to feel inferior.

All gay pride parades are known as clown shows. Only low class gays participate.

i watch the factor and i watch Bill , but taking this and editing it to make them all look like dorks is not fair .. i am sure there were many people there who were not as flamboyant and dressed up and your stereotypical gay people ... why did Jessie not interview any of those people , it was obvious he was looking to mock and make fun of them ... The question about can he have a straight parade , sure , go ahead , but why ? to what purpose ? Straight people already have freedoms , and no rights are being withheld from them as are in the gay world .. These prides are set up in the name of equal rights . And he also said now that they are allowed to marry , Well that is a false statement , that is not true everywhere , and it is not true for work place discrimination as well , so until then this is what the pride parades and festivals are striving for .

Nobody would watch the annual report without its colorful characters once a year.

I am a gay person, that was at that Parade and I am not flamboyant and neither is my partner, I sincerely appreciate your comment.....Thank you

Thank you for your honest and open expression of your internalized self-loathing and homophobia. You clearly have no knowledge of our history, the history of Pride Celebrations, nor the oppression of the LGBT community. You, and all commenters who follow in your vein, can take a flying leap - I did NOT spend the last 38 years working my ass off so you could sit on your assimilationist ass whining about it.

How is not being flamboyant being self-loathing and homophobic? If you are flamboyant then more power to you, get out there and be your fabulous flamboyant self. And as far as assimilation, if I were to dress in drag and act flamboyant then I too would be assimilating. I would be denying who I am. It would be as if I went back into the closet. And that isn't what Gay pride is about.


Artificial Wombs

Hey, as long as they keep thinking this way they keep losing and turning people over to progressive I say, let it be. Love long and prosper sorta. 

Excuse while I clear my throat, ahem *PRICK*, 

I've never like O'Reilly as it was. This doesn't surprise me at all.

Lol, the FOX reporter's right!  All white bisexuals like girls. Look at Neil Patrick Harris, Zachary Quinto, Ricki Martin, Lance Bass, Wentworth  Miller, Rupert Everett and so many, many more. No wonder I don't subscribe to Instinct magazine lies.

Correction: white male bisexuals like girls!

WTF!  Who are you?  Stop trolling gay websites.  That was one of the dumbest comments I've read today.  Seriously, Go Away!

I'm gay, nasty prick!!

Fucking asshole bigots. Bill's jackass henchman needs to get a real job. 


Fox Assholes. Nice popped collar. Loser. 

Gay President? Yep. Brian Sims. It'll happen. 

YES!  Agreed!  Love that man for all that he stands for.

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