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France's High Court Rules Mayors Cannot Refuse To Marry Gay Couples

Mayors throughout France that oppose same-sex marriage are going to have to suck it up and deal. The nation's Constitutional Council has ruled that officials may not refuse to marry same-sex couples based on their personal objections to same-sex marriage. 

France24 writes:

France's highest court ruled on Friday that the country's mayors cannot refuse to officiate at same-sex marriages, rejecting a bid by a group of mayors who claimed gay marriage went against their moral or religious beliefs.

The Constitutional Council's ruling followed an appeal by mayors and registrars opposed to France’s controversial bill legalising same-sex marriages, which came into effect in May this year.

They argued that the same-sex marriage bill should have included a “freedom of conscience” clause, giving officiators the right not to carry out same-sex marriages if it conflicts with their personal religious or moral beliefs. The lack of such a clause in the bill goes against the French constitution, they claim.

But the Council, France’s highest legal authority, rejected this argument in its ruling on Friday morning.

“The Council judged that, in view of the functions of a state official in the officiating of a marriage, the legislation does not violate their freedom of conscience,” the Council said in a statement.

Sorry we're not sorry. 

Though we probably don't want you at our weddings anyway. 


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