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Frank Ocean Wears Nothing But Underwear In Shirtless Selfie

Well, I guess we now know that Frank Ocean is a boxer briefs kind of guy. 

The openly gay R&B sensation posted an outrageously hot bedroom mirror selfie to his Tumblr before having second thoughts and deleting it. Thankfully, this is the Internet, where nothing is ever truly deleted. Because of some intrepid Frank Ocean fans, we not only have had to have our jaws rewired in an emergency appointment this morning, we also know that Frank shared this caption along with the image that will replace our I Hate Mondays poster above the desk: "shout out to the selife god."  

(Via ONTD)



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i like his music just fine

"we not only have had to have our jaws rewired in an emergency appointment this morning,"

Can someone translate this into English?

It still doesn't help that his music is just plain horrible

I bet he has an enormous black cock, and I want it. Now.

he is so cute i want to go out with him and see how he is in real life 


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