Frat Allegedly Rejects Applicant For Being Gay

Morgan State University in Baltimore is investigating its Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity chapter after an applicant has reported that he was turned away from membership due to his sexual orientation. 

Brian Stewart (pictured), a former White House intern, received a rejection notice from the chapter one day after his interview, but was made aware by an unidentified source of social media exchanges between members that took place over deliberations concerning his membership. 

Apparently, the frat's leadership wanted to beguile Brian and "give him the perception of a fair and equal opportunity." Another message allegedly included an anti-gay slur. 

"The university doesn't tolerate or accept any kind of discrimination," said Morgan State spokesman Jarret Carter Jr. "It's something that the university takes very very seriously." 

Investigation or not, the actions of the frat are sticking with Brian. 

"I couldn't even be angry because I was so hurt," he said. "I didn't know I was going to have no control—that my interview meant nothing, my achievements meant nothing, because they had already made up their minds." 

(Via Baltimore Sun)