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Frat Boys Get Wet & Wild In Shirtless Charity Car Wash Ad!

Yowza! These University of Miami members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity spent their Saturday doing the kind of good deed we can ALL appreciate!

The brothers offered a free car wash to all-comers, though they happily accepted (and encouraged) donations for the Wounded Warrior Project! 

From the looks of this video we're betting they made a killing!! Watch the boys get wet and wild!

Take all of our money!!!

Keep being charitable, guys!! We're all better for it!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind


I love that they are donating the money that they raise to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Great job guys, I hope that you all had fun and raised some good money!! 

I'm going on vacation to Miami and renting a car... just to drive it through this car wash about 10 times...


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