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Fraternity Placed On Probation Until 2015 For Discriminating Against Gay Pledge

A disciplinary panel at Morgan State University in Maryland has placed the university's chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity on probation until fall 2015.  This follows an investigation that determined the fraternity had discriminated against pledge Brian Stewart (pictured) because he is gay

Key evidence in the investigation included derogatory social media messages submitted by Stewart that he says were sent between fraternity members.

According to The Baltimore Sun:

Morgan spokesman Jarrett Carter Sr. said a disciplinary panel investigating the complaint found that the Alpha Iota chapter violated university policies on discrimination. The probation means that Morgan's chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity cannot register as an official organization, participate in university-sponsored events or host events on or off campus.

"It's very rare to get a complaint like this from students against other students," Carter said. "It's not something that the university tolerates or takes lightly."

Neither Stewart or the Kappa Alpha Psi leadership has provided comment.

Morgan State has held two campus-wide discussions about ant-gay discrimination since the incident, Hundreds of students have participated. 

"It's all a part of something we're going to continue to do just to make clear our expectations about tolerance and respect and support for one another," Carter said. "Overall, the students have been telling us that this is very surprising and out of the ordinary."

How do you feel about the university's handling of the fraternity's anti-gay discrimination, Instincters?


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I am astonished that this jungle bunny would dare to discriminate against anyone.

He should look in a mirror.

hmmmmm......fraternities can discriminate by way of their "vote" to allow a pledge or not. Didn't Harvard start the system of "blackballing" when they gave the voting body a white ball and black ball to put in the 'ballot box', thus making the nay-sayer anonymous. So one or more of the voting body could block a candidate for any reason from jealousy to fear to hatred of skin color or religion or orientation, while I am glad the frat is being disciplined, what could this do to the idea, or tradition, of voting to allow a pledge or not. Wouldn't any "no" vote be generated from a discrimination or some kind.......? 

Glad to see schools are taking it serious. But if it were a big name school with a lot of big name money backing would it be the same. Hope so 

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