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French Mayor Could Face Jail After Refusing To Marry Same-Sex Couples

A French mayor could be headed to jail after refusing to marry a same-sex couple. 

AFP reports:

Jean-Michel Colo., Mayor for thirty-one years in the village of Arcangues, announced to the Journal of the Basque Country in its Friday edition, and confirmed to AFP.

"Indeed, I have received a request, but we informed the prefect that we would celebrate no gay marriage in Arcangues" said Jean-Michel Colo the newspaper. "Everyone does what he wants when he closes the door of his room, but if you ask me as mayor to endorse it, then I'm very uncomfortable," he told AFP. Colo said he had refused an application in late May by a couple of men.

The mayor could be sentenced for discrimination and penalties could include up to five years jail time and a 75,000 euro fine (around $99,000).

Apparently the threat of jail time isn't phasing Mayor Colo. 

"I will go to the gallows!," he says. "I do not give lessons, I do not encourage other mayors to follow my example..." Colo goes on to say that he will not apply an "illegitimate" law.

Should the French government throw the book at him? Clearly, if Colo isn't willing to enforce the law he shouldn't be in a position of power, but is jail time the answer?

What do you think, Instincters?


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He should be fired, removed from his position immediately.  What example is he setting otherwise? Will anyone/everyone else in his prefect who chooses not to follow the law be an exception, even though he/she is not the mayor?  Because of a "personal" belief?

Maybe not jail, but certainly removed from office.

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