French Teen Who Was Assaulted By Neo-Nazis Is Brain Dead

Clement Meric, 19, was announced as brain dead today in an injury resulting from a heinous anti-gay attack in Paris. 

The Guardian reports:

The interior minister, Manuel Valls, said a fight broke out on Wednesday evening between two groups of young people in a street just steps away from the famous Printemps department store in Paris.

Clement Meric, a 19-year-old student at Sciences Po, one of France's most prestigious universities, was beaten by several skinheads, according to Valls.

No suspects have been arrested, and Valls told reporters at the scene of the attack – a crowded, pedestrianised area with cafes and chain stores – that finding them is the top priority.

It was unclear how the fight developed and how many people were involved.

A video of Clement protesting against homophobia popped up in the hours after his story made international headlines: