'A Frosty Affair' Star Shawn Roberts Showcases His Incredible Booty

Here's a little background on Shawn Roberts.  One: he's deliciously hairy. Two, his IMDB page is chock full of him in great roles such as the Resident Evil series and X-Men.  Oh, and his butt is totally on display in this film called A Frosty Affair and our affair should begin with him now.

OMG Blog found some screenshots of Shawn completely naked outside in what looks to be completely freezing weather.  We only get to see his backside, but that really isn't a problem at all.

The film is essentially a rom-com where he plays the romantic lead.  Evidently a girl named Kate goes back to her hometown, gets trapped in a blizzard and meets a studly dude named Redford, who is played by Shawn. Sounds captivating.

Here are the NSFW-ish pics




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