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Ft. Worth PD Make LGBT Recruiting Video Starring Openly Gay Officer

If the face of openly gay detective Chris Gorrie wasn't enough to have you signing up with the Fort Worth Police Department, perhaps this funny recruiting video starring him will do the trick! 

“My reaction to the negative stuff is, they didn’t get the message I’m trying to send out,” Gorrie said. “Really, I just want people of the LGBT community to feel comfortable applying to Fort Worth, and show that Fort Worth doesn’t have an issue with it." 

Check out Gorrie's plea to Ft. Worth's LGBT below:

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Hot cop and great idea to put out a video on being Gay and a career in the police department but kinda crappy editing job shouldn't got someone that knows film editing and directing would have made for a more impressionable video.

How do you subscribe to the channel?

Lots of statements he has made are true I am openly gay cop in Milwaukee. I have had no problems with anyone as I am active I am not a lazy cop and I am very easy to talk to. I came out on the department one day because someone asked me if I was because I never went out with any girls and I take lying on the job very important so I told

him the truth like I have so many other times as the truth will always set you free

Firstly I would like to congradulate you on your career choice. I am on your side when you say it is no ones buisness. That does not mean you are not proud simply that you are profound of everything you are.
Again thank you Chris for pointing this out.

His boyfriend/partner (Justin) is hot too. Here he is.

That cop was HOT

Ok so why should you have to hide that your gay just to make it known your a good cop????? Second I can tell he's gay from a mile away but it seems that his team put him up to this to say yeah come be a cop but don't publicize that you are. Such hypocrisy. He's the kind of gay guy that thinks he's Better than the ones that are open or can't hide the fact. I say this was a major fail. Sorry try again. I'm not buying it lol

You are clearly looking for something that isn't there. He has a genuinely kind aura about him. He is right. Being openly gay does not mean flaunting the fact, and at the end of the day, it isn't anyone's business. Why do you have to get angry about this video. People need to see us as everyday people instead of glimmer queen bitches. 

Hello that's awesome more of us should always be honest and proud of who you are .. Be safe thanks for posting that video ...

Very good job on the video. I have a lot of students that ask about being police. I will show them this video. Thanks again.

Loved it. Great job!!! a fan

splice splice splice,...great idea, horrible execution

His boyfriend is hot as f@ck

Wonderful video!!!!!!  What a great cop. 

He's a doll!!

Painful to watch. 

So what's so painful about it?  Equality for all causes you pain?  Absolutely pitiful.  

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