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Gallery: The 2014 Boylesque Festival Takes It Off For NYC


It's a challenge to push boundaries in an industry that by definition pushes boundaries, but the Third Annual Boylesque Festival from Daniel Nardicio and Thirsty Girl managed to do just that in New York City over the weekend. We were lucky enough to be in the audience for the balls-to-the-wall (and floor and ceiling) event and couldn't wait to share a few of our favorite images from the two-night festival. 

Check out a taste of the Boylesque Festival below and start making plans to head to New York for next year's event now!


Images: Gustavo Mulroy


I`ll definitly go to NY this summertime. Just made my account on I really hope to have fun on the Big Apple

I was at the show and it was wonderful. Its about showing off art and creativity. They perform with a purpose and to tease. If you want to see models stripping go to a lame strip club and watch a gogo boy dance to a lame pop song. Its not Magic Mike. Its better

Umm... I really dont think I will be attending next year if these pics are any indication of how "sexy" the guys are that they expect me to pay to see.

I think I will just stay here at home in Tulsa, OK and look at the real sexy boys.

Geez totally not what i want to look at !

YUCK! Give me a wholesome str8 stud any day over those freaks.

Dearest Nick, I consider myself a pretty wholesome, easy on the eye guy (you should see me naked!), but the day you realize being queer is something special and, in spite of all the haters, to celebrate, we will have left you way, way behind stewing in your inadequacy. There's room for everybody dude, and all praise the good Ru Paul they're not like you.

^Gimme a real gay besides a wretched fag worshipping straight people who likes fun entertainment. 

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