Gallery: Divas Posing With Their Drag Doppelgangers

Any fan of drag knows that impersonation is a significant part of the culture. The ultimate prize for drag impersonators? Meeting the inspiration for your look. Billboard online has cultivated some of the most memorable images of divas meeting their drag doppelgangers, and standing out at the head of the pack is Chad Michaels posing with Cher (above). 

Madonna meeting a stage full of Queens of Pop in 1999 also earned a spot in Billboard's retrospective. 

Berlin's Jessica Spirit poses with Katy Perry during a perfume launch event. 

Shania Twain stops by the famous "Divas Las Vegas" to meet impersonator Andrew Ryan (with Frank Marino in the middle). 

Reba McEntire also stopped by the show to meet her impersonator, Ryan Zink (again with Frank Marino in the middle). 

On the set of E!'s Fashion Police, Frank Marino poses as Joan Rivers with Joan Rivers herself. 

Tim Dunn and Dionne Warwick confuse folks backstage at "Divas Las Vegas."

(Source: Billboard)



I thought Chad Michaels has this in the lock till I saw the last photo with Tim Dunn and Dionne. Now that is uncanny. Way to go Tim!

If only Ramona LeGer had not left us so soon... She was the spitting image of Cher without even trying. Seeing her was like seeing the grand diva herself. Best I've ever seen. 

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