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A Gallery of Hot, Husky & Gorgeous Bears At Your Disposal

I clearly identify as a husky guy, always have been, always will be.  What has been fantastic, as time has gone by, is that men who look like me are now being appreciated for their overall looks compared to the years upon years of muscle boys who inhabit the gay bars (no shade).

All types should be loved and appreciated, and a bigger guy is definitely one of them.  Here's why: we are lovable, cute, fun, will enjoy a meal with you and not complain about wanting to go to the gym afterwards, look good in a pair of jeans and are just so darn adorable.

That being said, here is a gallery of some of the cutest husky bears and cubs to salivate over this weekend.  Enjoy.


Meikel Wiesel Arendt (@meikel.arendt)

Will: (@walker_bait_will)

Jason De La Cruz (@jason.dlc)

TMH (@tmhcub)

Kelvin (@mr_chargey)

Dastan (@yasitdas)

Tony Banks (@musicbeartonyb)

Jonathan Bardzik (@jonathanbardzik)

Troy Solomon (@bearnamedtroy)