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Gallup Poll Asks Americans: Are People Born Gay?

Are people born gay? There's apparently still division amongst Americans over that question though more people believe that individuals are born gay than those that believe it's a matter of upbringing or evnvironment

From Gallup:

In a year when the movement for same-sex marriages continues to make strides across the U.S., Americans remain divided on how people come to be gay or lesbian. More than a third of Americans (37%) believe people become gay as a result of factors such as their upbringing and environment, while 42% say people are born gay. This latter belief is down slightly from 2013, when nearly half (47%) believed people were gay at birth. When Gallup first asked about the origins of same-sex orientation in 1977, over half of Americans (56%) attributed it to an individual's upbringing and environment, while 13% believed it to be something a gay person is born with. This gap in opinions narrowed over the time, and by 2001, Americans were more likely to believe in homosexuality as occurring at birth (40%) for the first time, though only by one percentage point. Since then, Americans have been roughly equally divided over this question, although with some year-to-year fluctuations in the precise percentages.

It's interesting to note that the percentage of Americans that believe people are born gay has gone down since 2013. It may be a small fluctuation, but is it a cause for concern?

What's your reaction to the Gallup poll's findings, Instincters?


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We are BORN gay. I am gay. 

Why would we choose to be part of a group that is constantly ridiculed and discriminated against?  

People need to stop being so ignorant.

i too am GAY and i was BORN gay,  a choice really this is the funniest shit i have ever heard,  who in there right mind choose to be GAY?   stop the hate   just LOVE one another and get over it!

They choose to be this way out of a lust for attention or the simple fact that no women will have them.

Kev, you are really boring.  Why not troll somewhere else.  Maybe there is someone out there that appreciates your sick sense of humor.

your comment is sad sad

speaking for myself, I was born gay.  And I don't give a shit what that means to all those christians and haters out there.  Believe what you want, I know my own self.  I don't need science or religion to decide for me.

i strongly believe most men are born gay and that, usually, very early in life, some choose to be heterosexual for fear of being rejected by their families or friends. That's the only way to explain how homophobia is associated with so much hate and with the belief that sexuality is something one chooses. Homophobes' hate comes from the fear of having their deepest secret exposed.

What does it matter? Even engaging in the "born this way" argument just paints gay men and women into a corner and feeds the whole "natural vs. unnatural" discussion. And I'm not going to get into that unless we are also going to talk about other unnatural things like dental care, air travel or the computer I'm using. I've slept with women and it was fantastic. But there was never any way I could be in a relationship with one. I'm much more emotionally connected with certain types of men. The only answer that anyone needs about gay vs. straight, is that I'm not with a woman because I don't want to be. End of story. 

Why does it matter? Whether it be nature or nurture some people are gay. Get over it!

I don't have to explain if I was born gay. Why should I strait people don't go asking are you born strait or are you strait by your upbringing. Its time we all got on with our own individual lives and stopped worrying about. Everyone elder.

While I am convinced I was born gay, I really don't care what the polls says.  I just know that I am very happy being gay and don't care one bit what straight people think.

I highly believe we are " BORN GAY". Being from a very small farm town in California. I knew something was different about me. I never heard the word Gay, Fag, queer, or homo. It wasn't until I was in my 20's when I was dating a woman. I knew something was not right. Even thou I loved her very much in my heart It wasn't until I met and kiss my first man and it was like OK. Now I know were I belong.  I was so ashamed of what I was. but I had to be true to myself and with others. And from that I believe that my life is free from guilt .Being true to yourself is a choice , being gay is not. 

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