Gamers React To World Of Warcraft's Redesigned, Buffer Human Males

Human males in World of Warcraft have been spending a lot of time in the gym since the massively popular online game's last redesign. Blizzard, makers of the WoW, unveiled the latest version of the human male class, and gamers on the Internet have reacted hilariously to the uber-buff characters.

Obviously, snarky commenters focused (like we tend to) on the crotch, ass and nipples of the new dudes. 

Kotaku's comment section also contained some sass:

One disgusted gamer even tried to "fix" what they thought to be a problem:

What do you think of the new human male in World of Warcraft (now featuring chest hair!), gaymers? 

(Source: Kotaku)


What realm do u play on Luxitos??


They're great, although I agree, they are missing the bulge. WTF Blizzard? EVERYTHING has to grow

They seem hot enough, buuuuut as I'm a dedicated Hoardie of the Blood Elf persuasion, I try not to fraternize with the 'enemy' too often.  

Still, I'd fuck 'em.  

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