Garrett Clayton Has A Message For LGBT Pride Month

King Cobra star Garrett Clayton, who's currently performing in The Last Breakfast Club at Rockwell Table & Stage in Los Angeles, has a message in celebration of LGBT Pride Month.

Garrett tells Gay Star News:

"Love yourself and fuck what anybody else thinks. That’s what matters."

He adds: "That’s why I’m excited doing this show (The Last Breakfast Club) every night. That’s why I’m happy I get to make the speech at the end: 'Let’s make a world where people can be who they are and no one fucking judges you. End of story. Be who you want to be and anyone else’s opinion is irrelevant.'"

Solid Pride message, Garrett!



Garrett, you're adorable and talented. You look young and want to shed your Disney Channel image, but you've done a film about a porn star no you're in an edgy comedy, so you don't need to use the f-word to look tough.

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