Gay Activists Attacked By Homophobic Mob As Russia's Duma Bans "Gay Propaganda"

As the Russian state Duma considered (see below for the final tally) taking one of the worst pages from St. Petersburg's book by banning "gay propaganda," crowds on both sides of the issue gathered to demonstrate in the Moscow.

At one point, protesters of the bill decided to hold a kiss-in among same-sex couples and others involved in demonstrations against its passage. It wasn't long before the anti-gay crowd pelted rotten eggs and bundles of nettles at the pro-gay protestors. But, as Reuters reports, it wasn't homophobic aggressors who were detained by police.

The gay protesters were far outnumbered by around 200 anti-gay activists who surrounded them, chanting “Russia is not Sodom”, singing Orthodox Christian prayers and crossing themselves. They threw rotten eggs at the gay protesters.

After scuffles in which one man was knocked to the ground and kicked by the anti-gay activists, police began detaining the gay protesters and bundling them into waiting buses.

Journalist and Putin critic Masha Gessen said she was among 24 people being taken to police stations. Moscow police said about 20 people were detained.

In the photo above, also from Reuters, schoolboys attack and kick one of the activists not far from the demonstrations.

Unfortunately, at around 11 a.m. est on Tuesday, the Russian state Duma gave unanimous final passage (434 - 0) to a ban on "gay propaganda" that would impose a severe fine on spreading information concerning "non-traditional sexual relations."



It may be time for the LGBT people in Russia to start cracking some skulls. The government who takes their money is clearly not going to respect them willingly while still stealing their money so they should force them to. No justice no peace.

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