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Gay Artist Paints Miley Cyrus Portrait With His Tongue

Think he always puts his tongue to such good use? 23-year-old Welsh gay artist Nathan Wyburn certainly has a lot of control and he's proving he knows his way around a c..anvas. 

Watch as the paints this portrait of Miley with his tongue!

Gay Star News writes:

Speaking to Gay Star News, he said he wanted to created the painting after every single picture he saw of Cyrus after the Video Music Awards was her with her tongue out.

‘It’s becoming her trademark image, and doing that hand gesture, it’s becoming a stereotype,’ he said.

‘All my artwork looks at stereotypes. It’s sort of saying, in a blunt way, this is who you are now.’

Nathan initially came to fame on Britain's Got Talent when he created pop culture portraits using everyday items like coffee, toast, etc. 

We wonder what he'll come up with next...