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Gay BFF Delivers Epic Britney 'Work Bitch' Wedding Toast!

No wedding is complete without a choreographed dance routine led by your gay best friend! 

From YouTube:

It was Bradley Bredeweg's dream to surprise his best friend Stephanie Huntington with a performance on her wedding day she will always remember. The two of them have been secretly obsessed with Britney Spears their entire friendship, so of course Britney had to be a part of the ceremony. 

Check out this epic Britney Spears-inspired wedding toast (choreographed by Chris Downey):

You betta work, bitch!!


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I think the guy whose idea this was did something really sweet and obviously worked hard for it. What's bothering me is the one bridesmaid who keeps lifting her skirt and flashing her panties to everyone. Like bitch, calm down.

Everyone is talking shit about this, but I am probably the most self-absorbed person I know, and I would absolutely ADORE if my best friend did this for me.  I dont think he made her special day all about him.  He made it about something she loves and it was fun and a 4 minute dance.  She looked happy. 

Ugh another self absorbed gay that needs attention even at his best GF's wedding !                          How embarrassing !!!!!! 


Agreed, and I'm gay. Not all of us are embarrassing, attention-seeking, effeminate flamers obsessed with Britney Spears, Kardashians and Beyonce, but posting videos of gay men who are masculine and behave no differently than straight guys do isn't of interest to the media or the general population who want desperately to believe we're all exactly the same. And so stereotypes prevail and clowns like the one in the video continue to be the focus of attention.

All you haters can go fuck yourselves.  It was fun, entertaining, and those two obviously have an incredible friendship.  It`s not about being gay you morons.  Had he not been gay that performance would have looked like a bunch of drunkards tripping round the dance floor.  So Quit your bitching and jealous shit.  Gay is on it`s way out.....of the closet.  Congrats to the couple and awesome job by the friend.  And I don`t give a fuck who comments on my comment.  

Oh.  I see.  People aren't allowed to have any opinions conflicting with yours.

No, people aren't allowed to make generalizations based on sexual orientation.

Did I do that in my reply?  I didn't think so.

way to make her day YOUR day...

THIS IS AWESOME!!! Now it makes me wish I had a Britney Spears obsession with a BFF and one of us was getting married......LMFAO. I think the Bride REALLY REALLY LOVED it!!!! 

And he opened his mouth and a purse fell out.......  Geez. With him as a "BFF" I'm guessing that groom has experienced a little man-lovin in his time.  Poor bride.

well, aren't you just a total fecking idiot. 

Um...I was hoping that many would sense what we call in literary circles as IRONY in my last post, meaning, I meant the opposite of what I wrote, aka, the word 'irony'.  Alas, I know some of us have a harder time reading subtext, so let me be very clear: 


Got it?  Good.  Thanks for coming. 

Everyone else, please discreetly reach behind you and gently pull the stick out of your puckered ass.

I got your sense of humor!  Not very hard to understand what you were trying to express.

Why do some people always find the need to be negative? It's a wedding !!!!! Love Love Love for everybody bitches! 

I'm horrendously embarrassed for this guy... not because he's camp. Camp is great, who cares about camp! Not because he choreographed a dance. the dance is great... in theory... but let's face it, this dance wasn't about her, it wasn't about the groom, it wasn't about their lifelong friendship... it was about him being center stage. Him being hoisted high on the 'groomsmen's shoulders... puleease... And no offense the crowd and the bride and groom appeared just as awkward... Even when he pulled her onstage as the music came to a close he raises his arms like awww snap I'm done.

But hey it's still a fun idea, maybe make it about everyone next time... not just yourself on a day that's not designed to celebrate the best man?

Bitter, party of one!

Ugh. yea, it is really terrible. I especially hate the way the bride loved it so much. -- you suck, mark. 

I TOTALLY agree with some of the comments here.  It was so selfish of him to spend all that time and money and effort to show his love and bond with one of his best friends!  Who does he think he is? I mean, that 5-minute performance TOTALLY took away from her 6-hour wedding.  How selfish of him! And OMG - she did look so darn miserable when he extended his hand to her and she came up to the stage and danced with him.  And lets get really real - any self-respecting person over the age of 25 should not be listening to Britney Spears.  I mean, that is NOT her core audience.  OMG.  Her core audience is only teenage girls and those under 25!  Everyone knows that.  It's crazy to think otherwise?I  This guy should be ashamed and next time do something civilized like hire a wedding singer so everyone can politely dance to music they hate and make sure the entire focus is never pulled away from her for more than 5 minutes!  This day is all about HER and he so didn't make this about giving her a present to show how fabulous she is.  No way.  Hello?  What a selfish, selfish man!  Gracious.

Hey BV it was entertainment! Been to many weddings have you? Always the same, different cake and venue but the same routine. Truly and good friend to have spent money and time for his BFF. Bet you don't have a friend like that. YBWB to find one!

Uhhh, you DO realize BV's post was completely sarcastic, right?

Sure, KevDobbins: those flamboyant gays really need to get starchy, inflexible, and inexpressive; then they could be "Real Men", like you.

If being "Straight" means that I have to withhold my emotions, always present a 'tough' face, and not have any rhythm, then I must be failing as a happily-married, straight father of two (and grandfather of three). Enjoy life while your heart still beats.​

Civil Rights is not a "trend". Check your calendar: the 1950's were a LONG time ago.

UM HELLO Im 31 years old and britney first came out when i was about 14/15 years old. shes been around long enough for her fans to be my age... wtf. just bc i wasnt born in the 70s doesnt mean i cant be a beatles, floyd or Zeppelin fan either. really? that being said that was awesome. what a bunch of good looking, fun people. 

Wow get a life that was amazing and for you judge mental idiots 'gays are the best my brother is gay and i wouldnt have it no other way i am  going  to say you work it girl 'you did it better then brittney lol  

#Gays are born this way 'they breath the same air we breath and also bleed the same ,they deserve to be who they are , without idiots judging them ,it took ot of courage to do what he did and he did a damn good job at it .


Very Very good unforgettable wedding speech :))

Geee!! Wish I could dance like that... and i love fun people like that.... work it bitch!!

This makes me CRINGE!! As I am so sick and tired of these flamboyant gays going over the top with the queer shit. Be who you are and not who you think that the media wants you to be for this hot moment. The gay thing is on its way out, you will then look back and realize how ignorant you look.

"The gay thing is on it's way out..."

I know! Crazy gay kids and their Commodore 64 computers, tight jeans and their cellular mobile telephones. I hear this internet thing is on its way out also! You sir, are out of touch with reality. 

Hey KD really, and then we would all be like your tired boring uptight righteous ass! You should look in the mirror and see your reflection on your way out sir.

YOU ARE CLEARLY THE INGNORANT ONE ,you have no right to say anything about gays you choose to click and watch get a life asshole '

Me thinks you do complainth too much.

It took months sure to be able to pull that off , all for his best friend to have a wedding she would remember for a lifetime. that is love,,,,,,,,,  you are hate!

On its way out? Seriously? Despite what your ignorant mind thinks, it is not a trend. You should read up on it and educate yourself sometime. The guy in that video has my utmost respect for doing what he did and for being himself.

you are the only one who looks ignorant on this post and YOU are the only thing on the way out, almost every state is on the verge of legalizing gay marriage, and I hope it pisses you off so bad!! LOL...

You are the worst human.

Cringe? really? the only people who should be cringing are the ones reading your comment. If it makes you cringe then why click the "GAY BFF Delivers a wedding toast" video ? 

The only thing I see in this video is a gay guy being exactly who he is and not being afraid of ignorant people like you. 

The only thing on the way out are the close minded idiots that "cringe" at posts like this one. Attend a world civ class sometime and learn that gays have been around since the beginning of time and clearly are not going anywhere. 

Is the gay thing on its way out just like the black thing was on its way out too back in the 60s?? are you really that big of an idiot that you can't see that everything is changing around you except you... Awe Punkin... You're the one who is just denying yourself of happiness worrying too much about how flamboyant or butch someone is, stop worrying about everyone else and Grow up so then you can be happy..

"The gay thing is on its way out" Congrats on winning today's prize for dumbest comment! You will receive a ball peen hammer to hit yourself in the head with and kill the last two remaining brain cells you have. You're welcome!

What a wonderful thing to do for your best friend.  These guys must have practiced a lot to get this right.  She will remember this for the rest of her life.

Be as bitter as you want, but his is not about you, its about a BFF doing something for his best friend on her wedding night that she will never forget. In my opinion something like this would be the best gift a best friend could give. this obviously took alot of time and effort to show a big fat congratulations, I promise you, this bride will never forget what he did fer her on her special night.

Was this held at a senior center in the middle of the day?

Terrible terrible . Too poor show

Your name fits you perfectly!

you go Matt !

This was fun! Five minutes is way too long, but it was really well done. As soon as he said "Work," she knew that something had been brewing! 

Was that the actual wedding party? Couldn't have been, right? This was epic and sweet and adorable. This is way gay is taking over the world. Gays just do it better. Almost every time. Now if we could get our personal lives straight – we'd really run things. Ha ha

The effort and fun was wayyyy cool! You could tell this was an inside thing between the bride and the bff. It was a great gift and moment shared between the two friends. I was smiling the whole time. Thanks for sharing this, it made my day.

It's sad.  Not because of the toast or the performance here but because he's SO much better performing that lip synch and dance than Britney is in her show in Vegas.  Good job, BFF

I LOVE it!!! :D Good for Bradley and his BFF Stephanie!!!

I have a great bff hag and we have inside secrets that we share like these two. If I had put half as much into something like this for my hag she would have love it and me just as much if not more for loving her.

All the haters.  Makes me laugh!   This was great an I'm sure she loved every moment of it.  Everyone will remember the wedding and the GBF who made her wedding even better!  And if he was going to perform something at least it wasn't total shit and he made a serious effort to work hard for her.  

....and after THIS, Jesus turned water into wine! HELLO!!!! 

A-MEN! And so It WAS, And so IT IS!

Wicked cool!

The groom is HOT too!

I was there. It was 5 minutes out of a long day all about the wedding couple. She loved it. Relax people!

This very lucky bride will forever remember her wedding day for all the best reasons. Those haters out there are just jealous because no one at their KFC and Sam's Cola, bargain basement back shed wedding, had the talent nor the ability to form a thought to even try something this great.

You are all bitter and jealous. It's adorable and fun. Grow the eff up. 

Actually, I would have LOVED that if one of my friends put that together for my wedding day. Just because it's her wedding doesn't mean she wants to have to provide people with entertainment/something to stare at the ENTIRE time. And if you listen to the beginning, Britney Spears is a thing with them. It was a part of their friendship. I think it was sweet and pretty well done, as a matter of fact. Good job, BFF!

I disagree with the comments that it's all about the BFF.  The bride really looked like she was enjoying the whole thing.  They probably have an inside joke about that song.  I love it!

How embarassing to make the day and moment all about YOU.  You're an adult and best friend.  Let her have the spotlight for once.

those are not real people, the groomsmen were way too good looking!!

He had good intentions but seriously, come on ... it's the bride's day, do not steal attention for yourself

I know! That 6 hour wedding wasn't enough. I bet she wanted more things about her that day, a whole dance performed for her in honor of her, was really just incredibly selfish. ... oh wait.. You are dumb.

how embarassing. You're in your mid 30s and your best friend is getting married and you choreograph britney spears? Sweet that he did that, but Britney? really lol

Whats your point? they are in their thirtys and britney is like 33, ......... And?


And if you are trying to trash britney, She is the biggest selling female solo artist since the year 2000,

Yeah Britney fans are pretty much 30+, I don't get that either?

At first I was like... wow, her bridesmaids are really good dancers. lol

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