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Gay Big Brother Canada Star Comes Out To His Housemates

Gay underwear model Kenny Brain has become an international sex symbol thanks to his days spent strutting around in whitey-tighties while filming Big Brother Canada. But up until a recent episode, Kenny has remained in the closet inside the house. 

According to the Vancouver Sun:

Kenny Brain is out in his life away from the reality-TV series. But in the house, Kenny is pretending to be straight, flirting with the women and telling stories about his ex-girlfriends, changing “he” to “she” in the recounting. From the start, he’s told the truth to viewers, explaining in the confessional atmosphere of the show’s diary room that he is gay, but playing straight to get further in the game. He thought that he would have more of an advantage with the girls in the house if they thought he was “showmance” material.

Being someone he’s not for more than a month proved too much, though. On Monday, he shared his secret with fellow contestant Sarah Miller, but decided not to tell anyone else in the Big Brother Canada house, for now.

“This is the first time in my life I’ve ever hidden who I am … I don’t want people to watch this and do the same thing,” he told her. “I needed to tell someone or I was going to die.”

And that highlights what’s at stake here. Kenny might be doing it for the game, but he’s also sending a message to viewers of the show, which skew young, that being gay would hold him back. For decades, the LGTBQ community has fought for basic human rights, for recognition that one’s sexuality shouldn’t be grounds for discrimination. Kenny is taking those hard-won rights and shoving them back in the closet. And that’s not right.

Watch Kenny tell housemate Sarah the news:


So he knew was attracted to guys but he didn't know he was gay??? What did he think he was??? A cocker-spaniel??? I mean seriously ... Duh?!

Does anyone even watch this show anymore? I can't stand it when men use their coming out as a way to boost their ratings. So contrived and inauthentic. 

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