Gay Couple Attacked By Athens Police For Holding Hands

Greece is home to a vibrant queer culture, but the country has its anti-gay moments. One of those was on display over the weekend when police in Athens attacked a gay couple for holding hands in public. 

George Kounanis and Harry Vassilakis were walking hand in hand in Athens' historic district when police approached them. After a verbal altercation filled with homophobic rant, one of the officers allegedly threw Kounanis up against a wall to show "what real violence is." 

The pair attempted to complain to the Centre of Instant Action for help and intervention, but were referred back to the police headquarters. "From that night we are in a psychological maze. We feel totally helpless. We feel as if in a hurry by those who are supposed to protect us," one of the men told Lifo.

Others in Athens have denounced the attack and criticized the "negligence of Greek police."