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Gay Couple That Married At The Grammys Speak On Experience

Yawar Charlie and his husband Jason Miller got married on Sunday at the Grammy Awards and they sat down with HLN's Showbiz Tonight to share their thoughts on the experience! 

Take a look!

It truly must have been surreal! Congrats, guys!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Different strokes.   Personally, if the day ever comes and I am lucky enough to find someone, I think that I would like a more personal and intimate celebration.   Congrats to the couple, this was definitely unforgettable. 

Thank you!  It always brings tears to my eyes to see men getting married.  What a handsome couple too!  Best wishes to you both.

Actually, I'm looking for this! Thanks Instinct! :))

This experience is something we will never forget!! Thanks for posting this INSTINCT!!  #samelove

Yay, Y&J!! xo

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