Gay Couples Account For A THIRD Of Minnesota Marriage Licenses!

We knew LGBT Minnesotans were excited to finally have their state recognize their unions as of August, but we didn't know they were that excited! According to an Associated Press survey, since marriage rights have been extended to all Minnesota couples, gays have accounted for a whopping third of marriage licenses in the state.

“This is the product of people who were living in the legal wilderness for so long, suddenly no longer being told their relationships are substandard," said MN Sen. Scott Dibble, a sponsor of Minnesota's marriage bill. “There’s an excitement out there right now. I’ve been going to so many weddings lately, it’s like I’m two years out of college again.”

United States counties don't report marriage license stats, so to obtain the data, the Associated Press made 87 phone calls to Minnesota's to find that 1,640 same-sex couples had legally wed in the state since last month. Forecasters predict 5,000 by the end of the year.

(Via AP)