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Gay Dads Are The New "Wholesome" In Honey Maid Commercial

Honey Maid's new "This Is Wholesome" ad campaign grants an overdue welcome to the changing faces of America's modern families. In the 30 second spot, gay dads, single dads, punk dads and more are featured as the true representation of "wholesome." That's right—there's not one second of time given to the homophobic or xenophobic types who like to think of the word as their own!

Videos designed for online distribution dive deeper into each family's story. Of course, we found our glycemic index shooting through the roof while reveling in the graham cracker brand's "Dad & Papa" story. 

Graham crackers sound like a great snack to enjoy this afternoon, don't you think?





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New Honey Maid fan!  I'm simply thrilled by the ad.  The families are beautiful, and importantly, genuine.  What a breath of fresh air! 

This is wonderful. Is it just me, or do the two dads look identical? I could not tell them apart. Talk about spouses getting to look alike.

Brava!  Welcome to the 21st Century!  I'm buying two boxes of Honeymaid today!

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Great ad, I take it this is an american advert. I can't remember seeing it over here in uk.

I saw this commercial last night  and I thought it was awesome!

Nicely done. Touching. 

I'm glad Honey Maid was brave enough to make these commercials.  It's probably not easy, but it's great that they embrace the new image of a wholesome family.

Thank you Honey Made for making a commercial like my family.  You rock.  Thanks for not being afraid.

My grandpap was from Italy...a stern yet loving man...I was his first grandson his pride and joy. The first memory of him and the one that he did daily was his ritual of making a huge mug of morning coffee...back in the 50's huge coffee mugs were very very rare.  Grandpap would take his mug of coffee and open a sleeve of Honeymaid grahms and stuff each one down in his coffee until he made "a mud" ...and he ate it every morning for breakfast...and he taught me to do the same...the taste and smells of this mixture remind me of him everyday....and it was oh so good.....Honeymaid you have been a big part of my life....thank you

Are commercials supposes to make you cry in less then two minutes? More

What an amazing ad! My partner and I have been in Australia now for a work assignment. I can't wait to get back to Chicago so we can finally have these! It has been far to long, can't find them here in Sydney.

- Steve B

I went to high school with Papa!!! So neat!

nice, I was waiting for you to talk about the cookie. I love the cookie.

Awesome commercial, great job Honeymaid!

I can't wait to go shopping!! Honey maid on the top of my list!

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