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Gay Eurovision Star Ryan Dolan Tackles Gay Youth Struggles In New Music Video

Openly gay Eurovision star Ryan Dolan tackles anti-gay bullying, gay teen suicide, and the closet in his new music video for the single, "Start Again."

It's certainly not light fare, but it's a reminder that gay youth still struggle even as LGBT visibility increases and grows more accepted in society. 



(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



hopefully someone in pain tonight sees this and changes course. 

I wish I had an outlet to let gay teens know that IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER! 

Hang tough - don't give the bullies any ground - reach out and find people who care, who you can talk to. But please don't end your life. 


a gay man 60 yrs old who was bullied in high school. 

Today's gay youth are so lucky to have so much understanding from the general public. Gay rights have come a long, long way in history. Before the 1960's, Homosexuality was considered a mental illness, and unacceptable in most parts of the world. Today, thanks to the early gay rights activists, being 'gay' is totally acceptable, especially in civilized and educated societies all over the world. Even gay marriage is acceptable. This video expresses the feelings of the past and the hopes of the future for gay youth. Bravo.

Amazing vocals, melody, and message.

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