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Gay GOP Mayoral Candidate Passes Polygraph Following Public Masturbation Accusations

Carl DeMaio, a Republican former councilman in San Diego and now a potential mayoral candidate has accused Democratic political opponents of attempting to smear his name as the battle to replace Mayor Bob Filner heats up.

DeMaio was accused by Democrat State Sen. Ben Hueso of masturbating in the San Diego City Hall bathroom in 2009. Hueso contends that he caught DeMaio in the act; he made the allegations to Voice of Orange County last week.

NBC 7 reports:

In an exclusive interview with NBC 7, DeMaio offered up results of a polygraph taken Aug. 26.

Paul Redden, a polygraph examiner often used by local law enforcement agencies and defense attorneys alike, asked DeMaio if he recalled masturbating in the City Hall bathroom when Ben Hueso walked in. A second question asked if Ben Hueso ever saw DeMaio masturbate.

The polygraph examiner concluded “subject was not attempting deception when he answered ‘no' to the above relevant questions.”

On behalf of DeMaio, attorney Robert Ottilie sent a letter to the "Voice of Orange County" on Friday demanding it publish a correction.

“In politics, you see people make accusations all the time. And you know, I’ve had people criticize me before and I usually let it roll off my back,” DeMaio said.

“But this one crosses the line. It’s so gross. It’s so false, that I have to speak out. I have to present the truth.”

“How do you respond to a vicious rumor? How do you put it to rest?” DeMaio asked. “I’ve chosen to step forward with the only thing I know to do to put it to rest, which is to speak out forcefully and to take a polygraph. My advisers said, ‘Don’t take a polygraph. You’re just feeding the story.’ I said, ‘Look  my reputation  is on the line. San Diego does not need this sort of embarrassing ordeal because organized labor wants to engage in dirty politics.’”


Hueso is standing by his accusations and is offering no further comment.

Well, now that DeMaio has successfully passed the polygraph test and has put those masturbation rumors to rest, we wonder if anyone will offer to lend him a hand in his quest to take over the San Diego mayoral seat??



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Silly season in San Diego.  

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