Gay Guy Admits His Brother Is Hotter Than His Boyfriend On 'Your Face Or Mine'


A gay man recently appeared on Comedy Central UK's new game show, Your Face or Mine, and was asked to rate his boyfriend's looks against those of his own brother. All to win money, of course.

And though they say the truth will set you free, we don't even want to imagine the painfully awkward conversation that must have taken place between the three gents, after the show taped.

26-year-old Callum was sat on a couch with his boyfriend Ashley, 20, when the show's host suddenly surprises the couple by hauling out Callum’s brother Jack.

After Jack admits that he was once "accidentally" sent naked pictures of his brother, Callum is presented with the chance to win £1600 by guessing who the audience voted to be most attractive, between his brother and his boyfriend.

Watch it all unfold:

H/T: Attitude