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Gay Guys: We’re The Biggest Cyber Bullies Of Them All


Gay Guys: We’re the Biggest Cyber Bullies of Them All.  That was the title of a post by .  It's an epidemic and it seems we don't fucking care.  I think we've all been trolled online before and made fun of.  What is sad is that we are apparently supposed to be okay with it.

As a blogger on here, I share my opinions and enjoy the discussions back and forth with the readers on Facebook and on  I did say enjoy, didn't I?  Some people call me out for my opinions and I am fine with that, but some feel they need to use degrading language.  I believe people revert to the practice of  "I can' t have a better argument, so let me be louder and insulting."  I always think you should be better, not bitter.


We’re no longer living in a world of assumption. Thanks to social media and instant sharing, there are virtually no secrets anymore. When someone is an asshole, they’re going to get called out — whether you’re famous or a civilian.

The problem is we’re starting to enjoy being the asshole. -


A while ago a certain gay website called us out in a way that had other site managers emailing us to warn us of their action.  They could not believe one site would stoop so low as to point the finger negatively toward another.  We were a little shocked, but then again, we've grown to expect it.

As for cyber bullying, what have we seen on our site and our Facebook? Just this past week, we had posts involving Davey Wavey, another about Bryan Hawn, and what's her name, that fucking fat gross comedienne, oh yeah, Amy Schumer.  Sorry, that's what most people on our FB feed called her (Amy Schumer In Talks To Play Barbie In Live-Action Film). Here are some of the wonderful comments about Amy and her future project of playing Barbie.


She'd make a great carbie, fat version of barbie and could make her a bit slutier.

Shes more barbeque than Barbie.....

Barbie, she makes a good acting part of "Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog get married". She's so fat probably would have to roll her to get her in

Miss Piggy!!Oink!oink!!!Fat bitch

Fat barbie

Maybe if she starts liposuction now....

Come on!!! Is stupid!!! Barbje is pretty and slender!¡!¡

must be the has been years of


Thank goodness for a couple of guys on there with these comments.


and here starts the idiotic sexist trolling comments from a Bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do

She is not even fat for all of the commenters saying she is. She's a size 6 which is practically tiny compared to the average American woman who is a 16. I for one think she has a lovely figure. I think this project as "campy classic" written all over it!


I guess it goes back to ... if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything, but it seems when the internet is there in front of you, your filter is broken.  There are many times when I'm in public and want to go up to a guy and say, excuse me, you're wearing Aberzombie and you're over 40, both the waist and the age.  It's not a good look.  Yes, I can be cunty and if you push it, I will be cunty to your face.  But I've never gone up to someone and said that in public.  Have you? 

There are sometimes where I think I shouldn't post a new Davey Wavey video, because I know how much shit will appear in the comments section.  In a recent post (Have You Found These 7 Secret Erogenous Zones?) I didn't put Davey Wavey in the teaser pics since so many people post negtive things just at the sight of his face or name.  I know Davey Wavey is a little liberated when it comes to his sexual prowess.  I have friends that have known him for Decades, grew up with him, but I'm not going to call him disgusting, gross, whore, online.  I leave that up to the Gay Guys: We’re the Biggest Cyber Bullies of Them All.  I know he does a great deal of sex stories, but he as well does other stories that are more social and reflective and biographical in scope. He responds to some of his anti-Davey Wavey comments in a recent video Everyone's Problem With Davey Wavey...



We’re training ourselves to believe it’s okay to say whatever we want online because it’s anonymous. The victim might be halfway across the world, so it’s fine to call them “fat,” “gross,” “ugly,” a “faggot,” a “dyke,” a “fairy,” or worse. It’s become entertaining, even rewarded. The nastiest Twitter Troll in recent times, Milo Yiannopoulos, was given the cover of OUT magazine — how does this make sense?

This is why we’re living in a Trump-infested, reality TV-obsessed world. Hate speech has become a mandatory thing to prove how worthy we are in comparison to others. It’s as if our brains rewind back to high school when some of us were the victims of bullying. Our sense memory tells us to follow the leader, but the “leader” role has become a bully that will mess you up if you don’t do as he or she says. -


And then there is Bryan Hawn and his most recent Bryan Hawn's On Fire In His Take On The Weeknd's 'Starboy'.  I think he's a talented chap.  Is he Paul McCartney or Usher or JT?  No, but Paul McCartney isn't even Paul McCartney anymore.  A good amount of our readers enjoy seeing him perform, may it be for one or many of his body parts or his voice.  He does have a following, but it seems he also has a dedicated team of people trolling him. I won't include the more negative comments toward Bryan, but I did love this response Bryan Hawn himself had the other day to a negative Mancy.


I really dislike that guy so I'm not checking anything of his out.

Bryan Hawn yet you engaged and commented and activated the facebook algorithm for this to show up on all your friends walls and engaged the likes of many other people that will now activate the post of their friends walls, maybe rethink your strategy if your not wanting to support this. lol We have enough hate outside our community. No need to add to it.


Loved his response!  When you are spreading your negativity on Facebook, you are also spreading the primary source.

I am sure I will get comments that I am shaming our readers for commenting. I don't think I am shaming them, but instead I'm asking why such negativity? 

Do you have to be bitter to be better? 

Do we have to put down others in order to feel better about ourselves?

Head over to and read the entire Gay Guys: We’re the Biggest Cyber Bullies of Them All.  I think some of us need a reality check in how we are okay with being so negative online, negative to others, negative without expecting repercussions.


What is it that we want? What makes us comfortable? What makes us happy? Chances are, being mean does not make you feel better. It pressures you to up your bully game in an effort to keep whatever “status” you think you’ve made for yourself.

It’s a joke, and we’re all the butt of it. -




I really enjoyed your pointing out that we as a community have become the bullies if the internet. It is true and highly unfortunate. My husband and I talk about it often how we actual don't engage in gay community activities in our state due to the petty behavior that exists. We have decided that it is easier to stand back for a moment and allow ourselves the opportunity to evaluate how we will respond respectfully to those who disagree with us. We both feel that if the community so trying to push their agendas of the world things would probably be better for our community.

Thank you so much for posting this opinion and I hope that the community sees the value in your call for more positivity and less cyberbullying. 

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