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Gay High School Football Captain Accused Of Murdering His Older Male Lover

Tarence Mitchell, an 18-year-old Connecticut high school football captain has been accused of stabbing his 27-year-old lover Ronald Taylor, Jr. to death after unsuccessfully trying to end their relationship.

WFSB 3 Connecticut


According to WFSB:

Court papers revealed Mitchell admitted to police that Taylor gave him pot and alcohol over the past two years, and that they had a sexual relationship, but when Mitchell tried to end it at the end of last year, "Taylor posted a picture of him on Facebook that included a blog of bad things about him, including him being a Bloomfield gay football star," the court documents said.

Mitchell also told investigators that Taylor threatened to report the photo, that Taylor would have outbursts and get jealous when he texted girls, and earlier this week even threatened him with a sword.

On Thursday, court documents said Taylor texted Mitchell inviting himself over, then announcing it wasn't going to end well. Mitchell, police said, felt threatened and put a knife in his pants pocket so he could defend himself if Taylor did anything outrageous.

The documents said that after Taylor hit him in the face, he stabbed him three times in Taylor's car before he started running and Mitchell chased him.

What are your thoughts on this case, Instincters?


Amazing that even in the gay community that these people behave like baboons from the jungle.

I think this article may be the lowest you people have yet stooped. This was clearly, according to your story, a minor who was abused mentally, physically and sexually by a much older adult. I am not advocating violence when I say the 27-year-old got what he deserved; this is a self-defense case, pure and simple. Shame on you for purporting to make it about gay issues. This is about child abuse and self-defense. The kid should walk and the corpse should rot in hell.


This student was old enough to fully know what he was doing. He was using the older gay man for monetary purposes. He will go to jail for a minimum serve of 20 years. He will be raped and beat repeatedly while there. Justice will be served!

Instinct magazine specializes in gay related stories. They would of course highlight the gay aspect.  A magazine dedicated to the black population may lead with the fact that the football player is black. 

Amen I agree this story and its conclusion had nothing to do with these two being gay same thing happens everyday between hetro peope and you dont see headlines hetro woman murders  her hetro male lover.

Why do you write 'Gay' in the headline? You wouldn't write 'Straight' or 'Heterosexual' in a headline. Using 'Lover' would be preferable. Being gay has nothing to do with the main thrust - sorry about the pun - of the story. It's secondary over murder. Journalism 101 lesson...

I know what he is going throw ?


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