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Gay, Hollywood Executive Under Fire For Misogyny And Racism!

Gay, Hollywood Executive Under Fire For Misogyny!

This Is Not Going To Turn Out Well

You may recall the National Women's March in 2017. Women took a stand for themselves, their rights, and against the Trump Administration. During the month, March 8th stood out as International Women's Day and would eventually become "A Day Without Women". Women, on March 8th, were encouraged through social media to stay home from work and not contribute to the economy to prove their value to society.

I was an Assistant in Hollywood during March 2017, employed under a powerhouse woman. I walked throughout the office days before, reminding the females to take a day off. All of them denied my suggestion. We all loved coming to our employment because we did our jobs and had fun together. The women in my office would rather be at work, helping our team. As a form of protest and unity, the lovely ladies of my office went to the Los Angeles Women's March that following Sunday. But, a story of a pleasant workplace isn't what I'm about to tell you.

According to a Facebook Post by Rosette Laursen, a former Hollywood-Executive Assistant, tried to request off work on March 8th. Her former boss, the openly gay, Jewish, Talent Manager, Michael Einfeld, wasn't thrilled with her supposed strike. He reacted to her plea as most Hollywood Executives do, in an email. BIG MISTAKE. When will Hollywood learn to stop emailing personal remarks?! The email eventually got sent to Laursen...on accident.

Einfeld wrote:

"Are you f******  kidding me at the end of pilot season someone should [sew] her vagina shut I'm never hiring. a girl again"

That wasn't all. Einfeld continued his rant.

Laursen tells in her Facebook post:

"The response from [Einfeld] shouldn’t have surprised me considering my past exchanges with him. He could be kind of terrible. However, sometimes he was actually really cool and funny and nice. He even bought me a really hilarious Jurassic Park Christmas sweater. No one is bad constantly. The point of this article isn't to humanize [Einfeld] for you, but that's the truth, he isn’t all bad. We bonded over our love of Broadway Musicals and had some really good laughs. And that's why it's harder to get out of these situations. It is similar to feeling trapped with a physically abusive partner or family member. I’ve also been in that position and it would have been a lot easier to leave quickly if they were only awful. But no one is. That is the truly sad thing about leaving an abusive situation, because you are leaving someone who is sometimes human and good. Good qualities aside, a majority of the time he was screaming terrific things like the N word at the top of his lungs while describing black clients who were frustrating him. He would call his employees “f***ing retards,” and scream he is never friends with women. Then it would slowly dawn upon him that he maybe took things a little too far, and he would say, “I was just joking.”

Allegedly, Laursen tried pursuing Einfeld in court. Laursen's lawyer was ignored by Einfeld's team. Instead of going after him for his money, she decided to publicly humiliate him.

"[Einfeld] tried calling my bluff by completely ignoring every letter, phone call and email from the lawyer, essentially refusing to settle privately. My lawyer said this had never happened in all his years practicing as a specialist in hostile work environments. Initially I planned to release this anonymously, but the truth is, I stand proudly by everything I’ve written.If someone chooses not to hire me because of this, it will likely save us both from a weird workplace fit."

Einfeld reached out to Laursen for an apology via text message. I believe it's safe to say that she isn't accepting it. Check out his message to her below.

Yikes! What a messy, messy situation. I believe with Laursen releasing this information, she will gain a bit of fame. It will be likely she'll get an interview on various blogs, possibly even television. She'll snag a job from an esteemed writer and will be in a writer's room. Someone will come in and be her hero. She deserves it and I'm happy for her! From one assistant to another, get your dreams girl!

Einfeld, however, is going to be in some ridiculously hot water for quite some time. I've done my research into him. I thought about putting his photos in this post, but I decided not too. He is a member of the LGBTQ Community, so I'm not going to put the kind of heat on him as I would a bigoted conservative who is sleeping with underage boys. Einfeld's biggest star he's currently managing is Tina Louise,  yes, Ginger from Gilligan's Island. I have to take Laursen's side on this one, as it is only logical too. I'm so tired of gay men being misognystic, ugh!

Just a mess, Hollywood will be talking about this for awhile. Just wait until it ends up on Variety.

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Here is Laursen's full Facebook post: