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Gay Honduran Man Has Only Hours to Convince Canadian Government to Not Deport Him

Josué Martín Elvir Zamora has less than 24 hours to convince the Canadian government to not deport him.  His flight is scheduled for 3:00 PM EST on November 7th, 2017... tomorrow.

He's 26, gay, a Honduran citizen, been living in Canada since December 2013 when he applied for refugee status.  The problem, he claims, is that the government doesn't believe he's gay.

He sat down with The Daily Xtra today to speak about his dire need to stay in the country, saying, "‘If I go back home, it’s suicide."

He's begging the Canadian government for a reprieve from deportation to prove he is not a liar and to avoid going back to Honduras, which he says is still extremely homophobic in 2017.

“I left Honduras because I’m gay and that is a homophobic country,” Josue says. “People can tell that I’m gay because how I look like: my earrings, how I dress, how I walk, how I act.”

He claims that going back home could be a life or death situation, as the area that he is from in Honduras has gangs that operate out of his neighborhood.  

All he is asking for for his deportation to be delayed until January 25th, 2018, but that presents itself with an uphill battle.  You can read more on his fight to stay in Canada here, and watch his video above.