Gay Iraqi-American Twins Share Their Coming Out Story

We've written about the Zakar twins before...

And now, the Iraqi-American gay brothers are opening up about their coming out experience.

From Gay Star News:

When and how did you both come out?

We both didn’t know that each other were gay. Zach was a jock who played rugby and I, Michael, was the artsy, loner kid. Zach was home with stomach flu for the week, from sharing my drink (he didn’t know stomach flu was contagious).

A junior asked me if I wanted to fool around in the handicap stall above the gymnasium. I agreed, not thinking if it was gay or straight, I was just excited. I met him in the stall during fifth period Spanish.

We were fooling around in the stall, when two jocks walk in and caught us. I ran back to class. The next day the rumor around school was Zach was caught in the bathroom with this junior, obviously cause we looked more like twins back in the day. When I got home, I told a sick Zach about the rumor...

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Too funny. I'd never have guessed the jock Zach were gay but his gay hands gave it away. His artsy bro on the other hand, was undetectable in general.  Moral of the story, never judge a book by its cover. 

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