Gay Journalist Suffers Brain Injury In Possible NYC Hate Crime

Fears that 2014 will continue New York's recent streak of anti-gay hate crimes were stoked over the weekend as news of Randy Gener's assault spread. Gener, an openly-gay award-winning writer and editor, was leaving a party in Midtown around 3 a.m. on January 17 when he was brutally attacked. He's still in the hospital recovering from the serious brain injuries he suffered as a result of the crime.

The NYPD is reportedly researching the attack as a possible hate crime, but with no witnesses or evidence materializing at this point, and with Gener's assault-induced amnesia from the attack preventing any memories of it, they have little to go with on this point.

"He can't answer the questions of what happened that night, he doesn't really exactly know who we are or where he's at sometimes," Gener's sister Jessica Blair Driessler told the NYDN. "It's really painful to see him here the way that he is because he's the most articulate person."

Anyone with tips about the crime that took place at 54th and 7th should call crime stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. If you'd like to donate to a fund friends have set up to support Gener's recover efforts, head here.

(Image: NYDN)