Gay Kansas Teacher Is Sharing The Disturbing Homophobic Letters That Led To His Resignation


School teacher Michael Hill isn't in Kansas anymore. Literally. The openly gay visual arts and theater teacher is bravely sharing the horrifying, threatening letters he received from homophobic members of his community that made him decide to pack up his bags and start a new life in Palm Springs, CA. 

The Kansas City Star reports that Hill was integral to Seneca's Nemaha Central High School's art department, and that he worked at the school for over a decade. But Hill's life as a teacher changed drastically after he came out on Facebook as part of National Coming Out day in October of 2017.

Hill began receiving deeply troubling letters - supposedly from parents of his students - threatening to harm him if he didn't leave the school. While Hill might have loved and respected the majority of the roughly 2,000 residents of his small town, the rotten (and probably stage four closeted) apples made working in Seneca no long an option.

Now Hill's Facebook post featuring three of the threatening letters is going viral, with people all over the globe - including embarrassed Kansas residents - offering their support. Hill includes the caption:

I decided I needed to put these out there because people need to know this kind of ugly hatred still exists in the world only by confronting it can we end it. This was part of a pattern of harassment that started back in October 2017. As a result of this I made the difficult decision to pack up and make a huge leap of faith and moved to Palm Springs, CA.

And adds:

I also want to point out that I don’t believe Seneca to be a bad place. There are outstanding people there and the students were terrific! I enjoyed the time I taught there and I’m saddened that someone in the community thought so much less of me simply because I’m gay.



But the letters - which feature gems like "Queers will burn and so will you" and "F*gs are not welcome in our schools" - weren't the only motivating factor for Hill's move. His son Hunter, who graduated from Nemaha Central, states that after his father came out, someone slashed his tires, and that on a separate occasion while his dad was at a restaurant:

...a couple of students working at the restaurant started taking pictures and started circulating them around on Snapchat, which upset him a lot.

What charming youths. We don't blame Hill for being over this, and wish him all the best in Palm Springs. And for the record. If you have enough energy to type up a rage-filled homophobic letter, my dear, you're gay. Ya gay boo. Put that same energy into writing up your Grindr profile instead.