This Gay Leather Bar Owner Is Running For Texas Governor

The owner of popular Dallas gay leather bar, The Eagle, has announced his bid for Texas Governor.

Said Jeffery Payne:

“Texas needs a governor who believes in real Texas values, like integrity, honesty, freedom and independence,” Payne said in his announcement. “It’s time we stopped wasting our time and money on silly legislation and start investing our time finding ways to help Texans, their families and businesses prosper.”


Payne is an active fundraiser and organizer of LGBT+ events in the Dallas area, and regularly hosts benefit events for local and national queer charities at his bar.

Unrelated to his political aspirations, Payne is a former International Mr. Leather title-holder.

More from the Dallas Voice:

Payne said Texas has been good to him, and he believes it’s time he returned that good fortune. He has chosen to run for the governor’s office because he holds a strong commitment to real Texas values and truly believes he can make a positive difference in Texas politics as usual.

“It’s time we stopped letting the Republican Party run unopposed in this state,” Payne declared. “We need a governor who is not a career bureaucrat, but one with real world experience and dedication to making Texas a better, safer and healthier place for all Texans.”

H/T: Unicorn Booty