Gay Lovers Reunite After 45 Years In Tear-Jerking Music Video

A pop song hasn't made us feel like someone's cutting up an entire kitchen of onions in the next room like this since Macklemore's "Same Love." 

But Doug Locke's "#ThisCouldBeUs" is even more intense. 

You may want to find a comfortable spot to sit down, with plenty of tissues nearby and a warm blanket before clicking play. In "#ThisCouldBeUs," adorable gay lovers reunite after 45 years apart. 

Says Locke:

“We all have those former loves that, while life may have lead us in different directions, we find ourselves reminiscing over, daydreaming about what could have been,” Locke told HuffPo. “I’m a firm believer that once you give a person a piece of your heart, you never truly get it back.”

It certainly helps that the song itself is beautiful, too. 



(h/t: NNN)