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Gay Man Arrested For Giving A Passed Out Man Oral & Robbing Him

Every now and then, and seemingly every other day, we catch wind of some guy being an idiot and making a bad name for gay men everywhere. We’re here to give you your regular dose of that.

This particular event happened in China (and was recorded) where a man, hereby referred to as A’Jun, woke up from a drinking binge to find himself laid out on a park bench without his phone or wallet and his pants open.

A’Jun, of course, went to the police about the incident and it took the police next to no time to find out what happened by watching CCTV (security camera) footage.

Turns out, a man in a tank top and shorts discovered a passed out A’Jun in the park. The man, who later admitted to being gay and finding A’Jun attractive, decided to have some fun with the nonconsenting A’Jun.

The offender then felt up A’Jun’s crotch before opening his pants to get up close and personal. This led to a handjob and a blowjob.

It was then that A’Jun’s phone fell to the ground and the man decided to grab it (and A’Jun’s wallet) before leaving (after a few final tugs of course).

It didn’t take the police long to find the man as he was staying at a hotel that was just a 5-minute walk from the park.

The 20-something year old man was arrested and confessed that he was in Liuzhou on a business trip, took about 600 yuan ($89) from A’Jun’s wallet, and kept his ID “to remember him by.”

The man is currently in custody. There’s no word of what will happen to him yet, but male rape is a crime punishable by up to five years.

Was it worth it?

(Again, if you want to check out the (censored) security tape, you can check it out here).